Super Combo don't seem that useful

I use Rose’s super a lot because her EX moves aren’t that spectacular and you can tack it on after any combo ending in spiral, which almost all her combos do.

I guess it depends on the character. Zangief’s does a ton of damage. Blanka’s isn’t worth it.

Thanks for all the opinions guys, now I know some characters have supers that are better than their ultra in a way (Like rose, who shoots a spark ball unlike her Ultra). I had this problem because my mains are Sakura and Blanka. Sakura’s Ex moves are really good (ex hadouken for people jumping in, or ex hurricane kick to combo into ultra, or ex Otoshi to close the gap quickly and unexpectedly against fireball spammers) so I rarely see myself in a situation where I didn’t need to use ex moves with Sakura.

sakura is practically never gonna use her super. ex tatsu starts her mixups, so you’ll want to be using bar for that most.

Rose’s is pretty damn good too, like a slightly slower version of Ryu’s. Sspecially since she builds meter so fast with her projectile absorb.
Balrogs is great too, hit confirmable for a lot of damage from pretty much anything…
Cammy’s is fast and a good punisher like her ultra.

Other characters have great supers, but their EX moves are just way too good to ever have super, for instance:

And why is Ken’s super on there? Is there really a good use for it? More useful than EX Tatsus for more damaging combos/cross ups, EX Fireballs for better spacing/pressure/whatever, and EX Shoryukens to make up for the weak invincibility on his normal Shoryu?

If I can get a 4-fierce shoryu combo into a super, I’ll do it since it does ridiculously good damage for such an easy combo. After that, I’ll wait for my opponent to freak out and try to catch up.

On a related note, I think it would be an interesting change to swap Super and Ultra damage. They seemed to have done it with Seth and it worked out fine. Ultras don’t require any work (except taking damage or FA’ing every attack), so IMO Super combos should do more damage.

Super damage is fine imo, I just think they need to massivley scale back the amount of damage ultras do. One lucky guess shouldn’t be able to net you 80% damage.

i have to say i find abel’s super to be very useful especially since the type of punch determines its priority. plus what other move in the game gets the crowd yelling happy birthday on hit?

Forget Super combos! Just F.HP,C.HP,Fierce Shoryuken everything with Ryu!

It’s been said before that some characters don’t really need to use their super combos. But some characters can combo their ultra after a super for big damage and that can be incentive enough to use ex moves sparingly. Since you main Sakura and Blanka, chances are you’re not saving up for a super since their EX options are so good. But for other characters, as you can tell, would rather hit you with a super for the chance to go into ultra. I’m looking at you Gen.

Gen is a really good example for saving up a Super. You can combo into his super, do a light punch version of his super, and if you have an ultra, use that in either stance, or if you don’t, light punch super sets 'em up for a follow up bicycle kick for extra damage. It really is character dependent.

well, what i think is that for MOST of the cast it’s better to save you SC Gauge for Ex attacks and FADC, but some charcaters (like ryu) can actually make good use of a super combo (but ryu’s ex moves are also fantastic so you can go either way) the way i look at it is that it’s just another tool at your disposal, it may not see as much use as your other ones but it’s their when you need it.

It all depends on how you play and it’s situational. My main is Chun-Li. If I’m playing against a defensive player, I’m able to build meter easier by throwing Kikoken’s and whiffing Hazanshu’s in the corner. If I’m able to max out my Super meter in this way and I somehow get a combo in, I can link it into a Super Combo if I feel that it’s worth it. It would depend on what round it is and how much life both me and my opponent have though. Of course if it’s for the win or my opponent has a significant life-lead and it’s the last round, I’d most-likely combo into the Super.

Just some days ago, I was playing with a friend online and I combo’d jumping HP, HP, c.HP into Medium Spinning Bird Kick into Super for the win by accident. I intended on whiffing the Super for chip damage for the win right after the SBK but it ended up combo’ing after the SBK which I didn’t know was possible, lol. It was totally worth it for the match win, plus it looked really cool.

On the other hand, if I’m playing against a more offensive rush-type player, I don’t see how I can conserve my Super meter because Chun-Li’s EX Spinning Bird Kick is the only thing I can use to knock the opponent away and make space for myself when someone is rushing in on me. Plus, connecting EX Lightning Legs is one of the only effective ways Chun-Li can combo into her Ultra Combo. So Chun-Li mostly relies on meter but it depends on the match-up, player and situation. You’ll almost never see Chun-Li pull off her Super Combo.

You’re more-likely to see characters like Ryu, Gen, Rufus, Seth, Dhalsim and Akuma executing Super Combos more often because they can hold their own without using any meter. It can depend on the player too. Personally when I use Akuma in a casual match, I might feel like saving meter just to try to connect a Raging Demon for fun. If I feel like rushing down then I’ll waste meter on combos into things like Heavy Goshoryuken, FADC into Shakunetsu Hadoken.

So you might not see Super Combos nearly as much as Ultra Combos in Street Fighter IV but hey, it’s there at least, and you have the option to save meter for it if you really want to use it. Most people would rather Shoryuken, FADC into Metsu Hadoken though.

This probably one of my top 5 combos in the game. You can piano the super to improve the odds of it coming out if you’re not comfortable with the timing.

It’s also one of the trial combos lol. So it’s not really a mystery. :wink:

Man, I don’t remember any of them combos in Trial, lol. I hate when people tell me, “Well that combo was in Trial, so…”

To me, Trial is like school; you forget everything after you’ve completed it. Most of the combos in Trial are stupid so I only remember the important ones. But anyway, thanks for the tip about piano’ing out the Super, ilitirit. I’ll keep that in mind next time when I come to the situation again.