Super comes after KO

When you KO an opponent during Kim’s infinite, how do you get the rush super to come out after?

I did it once by accident, but I don’t know how.


You can cancel the footstomp into super. It’s quick, so try the good old negative edge.
Time the super so that it comes out on the same frame that you hit the opponent. Since he’s dead when the super comes out, it takes longer than usual.


Can Anyone Tell Me???

can anyone tell me how to do kims infinite!!! plZ!!!

Can Anyone Tell Me???

You better hide before they find you.

Here’s another kim specific glitch.
If 2 Kim’s trade footstomps, the sound fucks up. Kind of annoying really. This is on dreamcast.

can they both cancel after super after that??

You can’t cancel when a trade is involved. If they even tried, it would be double KO.

edit: You made me think of something though. If they double KO with stomps, does the sound still glitch? I’ll find out son enough.

kim isnt the only one that can get a special after KO
I think every1 can do it…

euhm, no. kim can super after the KO and still maintain his super meter… some characters can get a super to come out at the same frame as the killer blow, but that just creates a super slow mo sequence. they also all loose their super meter when doing that.

euhm, no. Kim is not the only one. Hibiki can cancel that run through slice into super.
hmmm, I guess hibiki again with that dp+k xx super.
For some reason, I’m drawing blanks now. But there are definitely more characters that can super after the KO and keep their meter.

joe can cancel a screw upper into another one and wont lose a special

If you’re thinking about starting a level 2, then cancelling it before the KO hit into a lvl 1, forget it. That’s been beat to death. And that WOULD allow almost every character to super after the KO. But meter is lost when you do that. Also, let’s see you do a super after the KO with Zangief. So, you’re still way off base, but slowly getting closer.

Dan can cancel the lvl 2 fireball into taunt super. If the taunt comes out after the KO, does that mean both characters are still going to be charged up to lvl 3’s? Hell no. For lack of a better description, super meter freezes on KO.

i thought dan’s taunt super was lvl 3 only…?

u can do it from a lvl 1… but it’s always gonna have the red shadow (not sure if u do it at end of a custom… but why would ya?

Well, I have been using Kim like crazy ever since the game came out, so I think I, though cannot be regarded as an expert, can do his combo most of the time esp. C-groove combo. Actually there are a bunches of enders for his infinite. You could try the qcf,hcb,u/b+K. This usually works pretty well and looks nice. In fact there are five or six combos for Kim in C-groove.

i can see tiger kneeing the super from a forward jump, but backwards as you describe it looks a bit too dangerous. even with the air qcf+k moves whiffing is easy… i wouldn’t wanna try that stuff backwards.

besides, it’s the infinite… why not just kill the guy if you can. :tup:

WTF??? Where’d all these Kim players come from?

but it really helps to finish the combo beautifully with the super. But if you do just his super(qcb,hcf+K) it won’t connect as usual. That means you are taking a risk. You are right, why not kill your opponent with the infinite while you can, but most of the player just want to end the combo with the super.