Super comes out without input

I’ve been doing drills with Ryu to improve my execution and a problem I keep having is super comes right after my Down Heavy Punch into Heavy Dragon Punch.
I have key display on and I know I only push HP twice once for D.HP and a second time for H.DP.
Why does my super come out? Is this like an in-game tool? Can I turn it off somehow?

the input leniency in this game is very generous, you have to be precise with your motions.
the super comes out because of negative edge

Make sure you’re hitting down+forward when doing the dragon punch.

If you end up in forward, the super will come out.

Yeah just tried this out and it solved the problem thanks a lot man.

The thing to remember is that the game no longer has the super shortcut. All supers need you to end on forward for them to come out.