Super confused on Mad CatZ stick upgrade


Ive read the SRK Newbie Saikyo Dojo Arcade Stick Thread… but i don’t know if im overlooking my stick or its just not in the listing… i have this stick here and i have about 50 dollars to make a upgrade im also confused on parts. But i recently took my stick to a tournament and guys there said i could upgrade it to decent quality ask on Shoryuken. Thanks


Go here Lizard Lick Amusements

You can use pretty much anything from Sanwa or Seimitsu from that site


thank you much… Am i suppose to get a Gate/Directional change also?


^ As stated, Sanwa JLF sticks or seimitsu LS-32s, each are about $25. I’d suggest a JLF if you want to try an octagonal restrictor plate. It can be had for $5 (this is totally optional, as both sanwa and seimitsu sticks come with a stock square restrictor plate, but an octogate is much easier to get for JLF models). Then, for buttons, I’d go with Sanwa OBSF-30s (it’s important that you get 30mm buttons) or Seimitsu PS-14-GNs. 8 will run you $24 (both are $3 apiece)

Now, whether you want Sanwa or Seimitsu is up to you. Personally, I mix a JLF with seimitsu buttons. Sanwa is basically a higher-quality version of your stock parts in your fightstick (a madcatz Standard edition, commonly referred to as an “SE”), while seimitsu is built slightly differently in the more “traditional style.” Sanwa is slightly more popular than seimitsu, but it’s seriously like comparing coke to pepsi. Both are extremely high quality and will improve your experience greatly.

Also, switching these out is totally solderless. The only tools you’ll need is a small and slightly larger phillips head screwdriver to open and switch out parts, and a large flathead screwdriver to install your preferred balltop. (Note: balltops do NOT ship with JLF sticks from Lizard Lick, but LS-32s do!)


The how to mod your SFIV SE Fightstick FAQ

everything you need to know


Doesn’t matter. It should be 8-way by default. No need to change that unless if you’re planning on playing some old school shumups or something. But for a fighter, you just need to drop it in and you’re ready to go.

Both sticks come with a stock square gate. LS-32s do NOT have the option of octagonal gates (without some serious precision modding). JLFs have octagonal gates as an option. They’re an easy snap-in replacement, and worth a shot if you have $5 to spend, and are already paying for shipping. But it’s a different feel. I personally prefer it, but if you’re used to the feel of the stock SE, a square gate is for you. No need to order a square gate. You already will have 2! (One comes with the JLF, and the stock madcatz stick houses an exact knockoff replica of the Sanwa square gate, however, it will NOT fit an LS-32)


gotta thank all you guys man… wow


Hey Mana-Tree, you got a PM regarding Sanwa parts. Not sure if you’re looking for specific color, but I got new parts in my FS thread.