Super Contra Vid?

does anyone have a vid of the guy who rocked that game? id love to see it again.

i highly doubt it considering it was just for kicks and so early in the morning before any real tourneys.

it was hilarious how people would boo when he died and cheer when he did something difficult:lol:

Just to let u guys know, that was a recording of TFGM playing Super Contra.

good god, that’s even worse. who would actually record themselves playing super contra and THEN bring it to Evolution? that’s pretty terrible. when you pack for a tourney across the country, are your super contra recordings high up on the list of shit to bring:lol:?

Nah not even that…its on his laptop and i guess it was a recording from a long time ago, because the day before that i was watching him play and he didn’t get as far as the recording.
Also, if u looked at the empire arcadia table, he had alot of things packed, he wasn’t planning on going just for tourny, he was going because he was planning something, not sure what though.
Oh well.

yeah, I saw someone playing Pokemon…goddamn, I wanted to play (I seriously like it :))

That was TFGM …lol…u were at evo?

TFGM is a hell of a Black Dragon player.

so… will TFGM be willing to share that vid? id like to watch it again. Some of the so cal tekken people would like it too.

just know that the Empire will be runnin things sooner or later…
just to let those who dont know…u know now…
all hail to the Empire…
so says Auron of Wing…
aka The Lost Cannon…

The other day I saw a video of a guy finishing Rockman 1 (NES) without losing a single pixel of energy. Does anyone knowswhere this can be found? I only know that it is japanese.

Also, I would like to take a look at other videos like that. If anybody knows links for it, please share them here. Thanks

Who are you?

IRC EFnet channel #gamecombos

~Born to Play~

Just for the record…

  1. I brought the Contra video, which also has Super Punch Out on it, as a intermission for tournament players waiting for the tournament to start. It was something the Cannon’s and I planned for the participants entertainment. I apologize for sharing something like that with the players. If I knew certain people would hate on me for doing that, then I would have reconsidered doing it.

  2. The tape was prepared 3 hours before I had to get on the plane and that is why it looked rushed. The movie should have been better had I gotten the time to prepare. At M.A.G. Fest in Virgina, I was able to beat it and I only died once. So I was disappointed that I could not have had it better recorded for you guys.

  3. I don’t have the tape, because I gave it to the cannons to run when they wanted to put it on. I was surprise to see it running Sunday. I thought that they were not going to run it at all becauese the Tournaments had them busy all weekend.

  4. The booth that Empire Arcadia had was for anyone who wanted to come over and play the games that we had, if they were either tired of playing the games at the tournament or just wanted to waste some down time between brackets or something. It was something that I was thinking of for the players to help them enjoy the tournament/convention more.

  5. Unfortunately I didn’t get a comfortable feel at Evo, because I was rushing a lot of things. I really couldn’t think straight and all, huddling with the guys, getting the lecture from Baltimore, taking care of the laddies, and watching west coast fuck us up in teams, lol, so over all I really wasn’t ready for EVO. I wish I was because I would have had more special instore for you guys. Plus would have played a whole lot better.

Finally, I hope that what Empire Arcadia had was enough to please those that were satisfied with what we brought to entertain you at EVO. I hope that all questions have been answered with this. Until then. (Greetings Dash)

PS: For any information about what else Empire Arcadia did since Evo, check out this site.

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~Born to Play~
Greetings Dash

hello lol

Holy shit, Justin beastin on Puzzle Fighter…lol
Dammit I wish I could’ve gone,…oh well.

you can get it from gamecombos. but since i got banned for somereason i don’t know, you can find it in using direct connect, that’s better than #gamecombos imo

Hey, TFGM…next time there’s a tournament that you’re at and you brought games, can you put up a sign or something and let it say, "Free for others to play?"
Cause, damn, I was tempted to play that instead of watch CvS2 at times…seriously…

~Born to play~

I will do just that. Until then.

Totally different person. Dash is my empire name. Confusing? Yes.
But oh well. Sorry for confusion.