Super Counter Recharge Glitch?


I noticed that both Chun and Ken, maybe others, will sometimes use Super, have it activate, lose their bar as normal, but get grabbed or something, and the Super ceases, and actually refills from empty.

Does anyone know details on this? I can’t find anything.


Hmmm, first time I’ve heard of this. It shouldn’t be happening anyways, as there’s quite a bit of invulnerability on Chun’s super, and Ken’s super is fully invulnerable until the last uppercut.


Really? I’ve seen it more than once. Good to note I only saw it online.


Sounds like rollback to me.


^ I’m not familiar with the term. Have you encountered this as well?


It’s basically when the game rewinds time due to sync issues between two opponents. It basically rewinds certain actions, and a large source of frustration early on with playing on bad connections.


That seems to explain it. Thanks.




Fa ggot. You’re probably some asshole I thrashed online. Sorry about that. LOL