Super/Critical Art Cancelling Help!

Hey guys I’m trying to figure out Super/CA cancel from a special move instead of doing the double motion I figured learning this would be me from doing too many motions after a special move. I provided two videos with Ryu and Alex, you can see I am inputting the right motions after the special move but nothing comes out. Any ideas on what I am doing wrong?

too slow

You may not be completing the fireball motion far enough.

I struggled for a month to cancel into super. It was inconsistent, until yesterday.

I was canceling it fast enough, but i wasn’t extending the movement far enough. I’ll use aa clockhand to explain.
Critical arts = 6, 4:30, 3 o’clock motion x2 + button.

I was doing: 6, 5, 3:30

What I discovered yesterday: if you make sure you move your joystick over MORE to 2:30, or 9:30-10pm if you are on the 2P side, the critical comes out.

Give it a try. Really emphasize the end motion. Tell me if it worked.

Sweet! With Ryu it’s working, moving the joystick a bit more to 2:30 helped a bunch. Although now with Alex it seems I am having trouble making it more consistent perhaps its my timing as well? As diige said “too slow”?

So basically you weren’t completing the full 2 quarter circle forwards and instead of ending the joystick/pad on forward you were ending the motions on down forward is this correct?


You have to do it really fast. One right after another, qcf+p qcf+p. Dont wait for the first move to come out before doing the second motion, do it quickly back to back.

The main aspects about canceling any specials (moves and CA’s) is crispness of motion and the speed of execution. You’ll need to do the cancel while the cancel window for your attack is still open, which means your motions need to be fast enough to be complete ( for example qcf,qcf + P) before the cancel window is closed. As a general rule, the cancel window is open at a point after the attack has connected, but before your player goes into his recovery frames.