Super DBZ advanced play


Was wondering if anyone plays Super DBZ? A 3D fighting game developed *Noritaka Funamizu (a former Capcom fighting game producer who worked on the Street Fighter series and Darkstalkers)
Does anybody have any tips or tricks for this game? I understand the basics, but would like some input on mixup, rushdown, mind games, etc.

Here are the best combovids I’ve seen for this game:

Any input is greatly appreciated!

If I’ve posted this in the wrong section, I appologize.

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ummm, yeah, not much there. And I’m not going to necro an old thread. I’d like some strategy input. Thanks for trying.


i would say we can meet up off-line and we can play, but you like a 3hr drive. Who are you using?


Yeah 3hrs is a bit far. I use Majin Vegeta. Posted the best combo vids I’ve seen for this game in OP. Some seem pretty situational relying on the wall to finish them, but I’m sure the meat of them could (and probably should) be used as BnB.