Super DBZ, supposedly a depth-ful choice?

There has been quite alot of debate about the DBZ Series not having enough Depth in their games to be played in tournaments, well it seems as though Super DBZ has begun to break that mold in Japan.

On July 20th Super DBZ is going to be released here in the states, and I might consider hosting a tournament in vegas in the byoc for the game, just to get people introduced and show that the game infact does have depth.

But my question is this, if I did that, would anyone here consider joining and trying it out? Because it would only be a month old in the states for console. The fee’s for entering would be considerably low, like 5 bucks.

Just want some feedback on whether I should consider doing this or not, thanks.

I’d try it out, but I’m probably not going to play in a tournament for a game I played for 2 hours. Doa 4 is the exception.

Have at it-- seems like this kind of thing is what the BYOC is for.

As for chou dbz having depth… :shake: there’s a reason why japan stopped playing it after a pretty short time.

People should still give it an honest looking-at, I guess.

I’ll money match people in this shit.

bet you won’t money match me, cuz I’ll money match you back. I’ll money match anyone. I’d money match god and he’d still lose. :smokin:


2/3 for $5 then? My Vegeta and Frieza are looking for some.