Super Demon Setup

Ok I searched for ultra/super setups, but couldn’t really find anything. Anyways, I’ve started using a super setup with a lot of success. It is…

tatsu crossup > (reset) > hk demon flip (palm cancel) > super

After the demon flip you are at point blank range. I’m 5 for 5 with this so far online. Thoughts? Oh and sorry if this is something that’s well-known already.

thoughts?hmmmmm…lets go on SRK and make a new thread!!!

Where do you suggest it go then West? It doesn’t fit into any of the stickies, and I couldn’t find any setup threads.

Isn’t there like 300 demon threads? My goodness. buffering super into various things point blank is widely understood. Just watch JR’s match videos.

Why didn’t you use the guaranteed-demon-thread?
If you tell that u succeeded it 5 of 5 times, why shouldn’t you post it there?
Btw, I had some decent success with crossup demon flip palm(cancel) into super too. Works very well online but I rarely get the stocks full. For me it’s more important to use the stocks for ex demon flip and the bnb-combo lk.tatsu->SRK->FADC->Red.Hado.

lol man you and West got this tag team stuff down.

Yeah he always gets in before me though, sucks!

hmmm let’s see…because it’s not guaranteed and it’s not matchup specific

How about you just jump over Super like everyone else started doing.

IIRC Super has no frames at point blank range, and functions as a throw with no escape possibilities.

Yup, Super is an untechable command throw basically… If it’s point blank and they don’t jump before the flash, they can’t avoid it.

Of course it’s a zero frame grab, but that doesn’t stop you from jumping out of predictable setups. I am never in the area when a reset is happening.

Or you guys could whiff roundhouse over somebody’s head and super demon, which is probably the nastiest one to get caught by.

True, always good for those pesky ryu’s that like to duck under that great RH that we have.

Tried that once, got sweeped the moment the 2nd kick whiffed :frowning:

Do it faster.

While we’re throwing our setups out there…

I like to use it in the corner as part of the neutral jump air fireball trap. Throw the fireball and then LK/MK demon flip palm > super. Just one more thing for kids to worry about when they’re in the corner.

But this isn’t a demon setup thread now is it. Is it?

I think we should make it the demon setup thread since there isn’t one already, and the more setups to have in one’s back pocket the better.

ok this demon setup came to mind when I was reading through this thread.

I think this is what Devil Knight was trying to explain in the other thread. Its a red fireball super demon cancel setup for fireball wars. Not sure if it is useful because an incorrect guess would waste your whole super meter.

Heres a link to the video. [media=youtube]nt5TdBKDnk4[/media]

Maybe I’m missing the point, but it seems silly even in that context. It means to land the super, you have to correctly guess that he was going to 3 hit red fb. If you guessed that, you might as well just EX demon flip combo, which does more damage than the super, covers a wider variety of situations, and only costs one stock. And you didn’t just waste your whole meter if you’re wrong…