Super DragonBall Z

Okay, I’ll admit, I didn’t give this the time of day when it first came out, but after seeing RedRapper’s front page post with ReXXXSporano’s footage I’ve pretty much seen the light.


This shizz is godlike!

Is it wrong to say this is how I wish DBZ’s battles themselves played like? Unique beams and attacks, the melee and power range not getting so absurd, they become dramatically inconsistent. Heck, they remember Piccolo can STRETCH LIMBS.

I still think it’s such an injustice that this only got one game, while the Tenkaichi formula just had yet another recent entrant released.

Bamco really needs to give Craft & Meister and Super DBZ another shot. This game was just begging to be expanded on and perfected…

Action meter makes this game amazing. If only I could get people to stop jumping at the latest shiny game and play older stuff. Fuck local scenes trying to play “tourney standard” games from other countries. >_<

People that shit on tenkaichi games don’t know that being tourney worthy was not their purpose. They were for DBZ fans, young and old, to mash and have fun with their favorite characters in the DBZ universe and to recreate the epic battles that the show had in the gameplay. Super DBZ is good, but they forgot which fanbase they were catering to.

already a thread for this

but i think a sequel would be cool.

I hear alot of people say B3 (not BT3) is good also. I’ve been planning to see if that game along with some others would work online through the PCSX2, but i haven’t got around to it yet

Sometimes I think DBZ fans are too caught up with show details to enjoy a solid DBZ fighter. Most people prefer Tenkaichi over the original Budokai series cause it plays like a DBZ fight.

My fav fighting game of all time.

Shit was a legit fighter, IT WAS AT ARCADES!!!

The dude who worked on it said he wanted to make a squeal…
One can dream… one… can dream…


Honestly it depends. BT3 was so good because it was/is the best DBZ simulator. You could hide behind buildings and rocks, teleport out of the way of huge attacks, have ki blasts battles from far away, fight underwater, etc. It wasnt the best game competitively but IMO its definitely the best fanservice game.

As I said on the article page, “The big problem with this game was there is/was no way to get better. There was no online mode to challenge yourself like today’s games and arcades were already starting to die. I remember searching online and I couldnt find any forums for it besides Gfaqs and combo vids on YT that didnt explain what they were doing. You basically had to become better by grinding it out in the lab and even then, who were you gonna challenge yourself against? Even if you wanted to get better, unless you had a friend or group of friends who wanted to get better, there was no real reason to.”

I feel the reason this game was overlooked is because the people who wanted to get good either had no competition and/or didnt know where to start whereas the people who were good (for whatever reason) only posted combo videos without explaining how to perform them, game tips, etc.

I remember people saying Tenkaichi 2 was much better if you go straight down to the variety and quality of the combat, and from what I remember they’re right.
Both stun and knockdowns weren’t as devastating, teleports were actual evades, and everyone at least had some unique moves.

Though do we REALLY need to be accurate to the show to get good fanservice? One Piece’s DS games just uses the Jump system and its actually an improvement on it.

Better than SF4 easily.

Side tournament at EVO.

this shit’s legit. Real Talk.

Hope it can become a bit popular now, for now i’ll be encouraging my friends to play it!. Better than a lot of fighters actually.

Well I played all 3 so its hard for me to remember which did what and which was better.

I dont really understand what you’re asking but what Im saying is that it was a great game for DBZ fans. I dont know how to explain it but Budokai 3 was like a fighter with DBZ characters while BT3 was an actual DBZ game. Both are good, but BT3 felt like it was made to be a game just for DBZ/anime fans instead of being made for FG fans in general. Thats how I feel about Super DBZ. Like Super DBZ was a DBZ game made for competitive FG fans. However DBZ fans were already 2 years into Budokai 3 and it was easy to become better bc there was a guide (although there was one for SDBZ as well), easier to get into, communities for it, and IMHO looked better. Then you had competitive gamers who probably just said “lol DBZ” and never gave it a chance.

to be fair, what is the point of a DBZ FG if its not going to be over the top, yeah SBDZ is a solid fighter, but doesnt live to anything about the dbz series, is just so dry that its not fun at all
as a FG fan it was an ok game, but nothing extraordinary, with other games in the market this one is easily forgetable, and as a DBZ fan the game wasnt something that i would like to play, specially with games like DBZBT3 around

I had the same reaction as dev when I saw this. I thought Budokai 3 was the best a DBZ fighter was gon get, till I saw this. Matches were back and forth, great mixup options, awesome zoning game, the whole reflect thing was awesome. MAN I WANT THIS GAME NOOOW!! Whoever made this game has to make a sequel and advertise the fck out of it in U.S cuz it’s the most solid Dbz fighter I’ve witnessed.

The first time Krillin has been able to keep up with Goku since Dragonball

reflect is guard+(4)6 right before projectile hits you btw

chichi’s ultra bo staff spin is done by alternating between light & heavy attack buttons. think a piano trill. she’ll stretch her bo staff out and take off like a helicopter, you can control which direction she goes too. but thats after doing 236236+H, if i remember correctly.

to anyone getting this game in the near future…keep in mind that the most important skill in the skill tree is supercancel.
interestingly, you can have 2 memory cards and have more variety in your custom fighters since mem card 1 slot is for player 1 and memory card 2 slot 2 is controlled by player 2.
so your friend can bring along his own memory card and you can keep your customization while your friend can use his own against yours.

the game plain old didn’t sell well…so there will never make a sequel unless they make it a downloadable one on psn/xlive…if there’s a sequel thats the only realistic way of it happening, imo.

they should put like 35 characters from dragonball to gt.
but more importantly you should be able to trade/import any super…not just a few.

lastly, this thread belongs in the other games forum, not the FGD forum.

I wouldn’t mind seeing a Bleach fighter like this. Shunpo/Hirenkyaku/Sonido = infinite mixup possibilities.

Dragonball will always be my all-time favorite manga as a child.

However, I am sick and tired of all these The King of Dragonballden 2011 fighting games.

Please let this godlike series rest in peace as a legend, like it should’ve been done YEARS ago.