Super Dragonball Z

I think someone posted about this game before but here are some vidoes from the offical website. The game looks cool and we should get this in the State (after all its Dragonball). Looks like the IC cards thing is the wave of the future cause you can make a card for this game too. So everybody and there momma can have a Goku and Vegita card. Well discuss and enjoy.

It looks like a step above Budokai and possibly in the right direction at least, and shoryuken input type moves WTF!?. Why did the new DBZ games rid themselves of the crouching ability (so many games ago…)!? I saw this game in action on some vid. Looked alright, better than Tenkaichi which to me played like and unbalanced Virtual-On.

scroll down to the namco section

**it looks great! when does it come out?

ABASI!** :cool:

Graphics look like a step back.

looks better than tenkaichi. but will it have that huge dbz cast?

No, thank god. Now it has a smaller cast, but everybody plays hella different.

Oh, and Chi-Chi is playable.

Buttload of vids for ya’ll.

This actually looks pretty good. I never kept up with the Budokai’s, how different is this?

I bet it’s broken as hell though. Looks like it’ll be stage specific when it comes to tiering as corner traps seem to be possible. I don’t know if there’s ways around it…Some stages might be glitchier than others and have strange things going on…You never know.

hot shit

Looks decent.

Looks cool. But I wonder what makes someone stop from being so defensive. I’ve seen a few grabs and cross-ups, but I hope there is something else.

What system is this on? Or is this in arcades in Japan?
Would be hot if this was on Xbox Live.

The game is really fun and has a good amount of depth.

It’s coming out for PS2 in like… a month or something like that.

What makes this DBZ game better than the other ones is that…well…it’s made by the creator of Street Fighter and that its an arcade release rather than just a console release. So hopefully, its not broken since the people who made the game know what to do. Cell has a Muay Thai pose. Too much SF similarities in this game. Game comes out April 13th for Japan I think. Same day as Guilty Gear Slash.

I got a shitload of match vids for this game so I’ll load a few up if I have the time.

Cell has a 720…FTW!
…and this game’s coming out NEXT MONTH?!? Link please!


Matches: - Goku vs Cell - Goku vs 16 (HYPER BOMB!) - Vegeta vs Krillin

Misc (Combos and stuff): - Krillin combos - Vegeta/Freeza/Piccolo/Gohan combos - Cell Lvl 3 super invincibility frame? WHILE getting comboed too. Reminds me of a burst.

if people pick this game up and play it i definately will too.

Is this coming stateside? Or should it be imported? I dont see why it wouldn’t come here…

looks good, I will defenetly give it a chance.

so is this basically a capcom game? Banpresto…hmmm…stupider and stupider. Ill give this one a crack at it. ill give it the hee ho, and a what for. im gonna take piccolo and vegeta and abuse the hell out of them.

If there is potental for more fights like the Trunks vs. Chichi one from the link in m121akuma’s post it could be really good.

Btw, I thought I knew DBZ well but when did Trunks have a laser sword or is it just a mock-up one can use to customize their character?

Seems it’s got real potential, but without intense testing, I wouldn’t give any definitive opinion