Super Easy To Update Matchup Voting Thread!


#1 Here is my version of the MU’s at the moment. The eventhubs tool just makes this so much easier now. I feel like this way it is very easy to share opinions about how to vote for matchups and change them in a concrete format. Let me see what your versions are fellow Sumo!


disagree with almost all of those i will do one later


I’ll do one as well.


I would do one too, but I don’t understand how to make that image…


Just made a quick one and wanted to make something based on Dieminion’s list.
I might edit it if I forgot to take something into account that heavily influences a certain mu.

I’ve put characters where I feel it’s 5.5 in Honda’s favor or 4.5 in his disadvantage in the even mu list.


^Why do you think Chun Li is anywhere near even? Creating the image is easy just screencap yourself after you’ve voted.

Then you would agree with 6-4 chun favor vote then?


Imo, Chun Li only becomes a nightmare if you let her rock from the start by letting her build meter for super and by losing the life lead and letting her get ultra.
So it’s important to apply pressure as soon as possible and get the first round, It’s also easier to push her into the corner compared to Guile for example. Her zoning is also not as good as Guile’s.
Her Anti airs are quite space dependent, j.LP, j.MP, nj.LP and nj.HK are your great friends in this match and allows you to get in and do some nasty pressure on her low health.
She also has terrible reversal options. If you for some reason land a jump in or a xup on a crouching Chun who messed up her AA c.HP or from a throw setup, you can do a TON of dmg with the following meterless combo:
cr LP xx H. Hands - cr MK xx H. Hb: 307 dmg. Remember that she has 900 health, lol.

Once you have the life lead and meter advantage, I feel it tips in Honda’s favor. Her chip damage is shit and sometimes her fireball fades away before reaching you.
With that said, I believe Chun will have to take great risks to regain the life lead vs a Honda who likes to sit and do nothing but react to everything she does.

Imo, the mu is inbetween 5.5 and 6.0 in Chun’s favor. Get the reads, learn the exact spaces where you can jump and you should be good.


I agree w/ angerus chart but id put rufus in 6-4, bison in 5-5, sagat in 5-5


I understand the logic behibd your opinion on chun li now. I feel like we can all say she wins. So a vote of 6-4 for as no other options are available for voting on that website tool. I also think that oni cammy boxer and rufus all beat honda. Even if not by much since it 6-4 the only option available I must keep my vote cast in that manner.

I don’t believe under any circunstance that honda goes 5-5 with sagat. Please explain further. I also am sure honda beats bison. I just beat tampa bison at dtn. Honda really gives that character trouble due to so many different reasons. I can agree with rufus winning though as It seems like even though we can attempt ti keep him away, which is how we win, without meter he will most definitely get in on us. Then we lose.


i just personally suck at the bison matchup; these are just my personal opinions. I actually used to be really good at that match when I played it a lot. now i find myself cornered a lot, never getting chnaces to jump in, all my buttons get beat, can’t walk forward worth shit. can’t lp headbutt. i get too impatient i guess.

I just have a lot of practice against really good sagats so its a good match for me. not sure what else to say, until I play sanford kelly then maybe ill say its 7-3 gat. I just know how people play that matchup and know how to make the good reads i guess. I know when to jump in. i do it very rarely and i get a really good download on how much distance i need to walk before they throw a low. Many sagats also have patterns on hi/lows. His fireball is one of the easiest to u1 through in the game. I mixup MP + HP headbutt (+the distances) to go through fireballs (keeps them guessing whether they have to whiff punish or block punish. he is easy to put in the corner. once there, mixup approaches with lp headbutt, cr mp, hhs, st fierce, st hk, focus bait, neutral jump, jump back.

I feel like Oni should beat honda with his toolset, i just havent ever played a good enough one (have an overall very good winning record against OMH rank 2 on XBL but his sim rapes me… he is a good player that just tells me that maybe that match is bad)

Cammy i feel is even, she has some annoying stuff on knockdown but honda has lots to keep her out. again i hate that match if its against top of the top, 1 knockdown you can be fucked. which makes me almost want to say its 6-4 cammy.

was just saying this too my friend says boxer / honda is 5.5 boxer… i can kind of see it he can just pressure you all day, can anti air you for life EZ, he can react to all your shit, has better mixup (pretty effective vs. honda) but honda has sick knockdown on boxer and good chance for u2 so… not so bad