Super Famicom themed Mad Catz stick?


Just got my first stick a Madcatz Fightstick Pro and I was wondering if anyone has ever painted one up to look like a Super Famicom controller?

I did a quick search through the forums and couldn’t find anything. Seems like it would be pretty simple to do the buttons are even the right color!

I’ll probably end up doing this regardless but I’m just looking for some inspiration/ideas.


Seems like it would be very simple. All you need is a gray BG. Put a darker gray d-pad around the opening for the joystick, use smoke buttons or dark/hai for start/select, make a button border in a darker gray than the BG, slap a logo on it and call it done.


If you haven’t done this yourself or someone else hasn’t done it for you I’ll happily take a shot at it. Just let me know.
Also if someone knows what font is being used, or where I can get that font that’d be great.


I used to work in a paint store so I’m thinking I should have the knowledge to pull this off.

My only concerns are matching the greys…meaning the grey I would be spraying on the bulk of the case and the grey on the “sticker” behind the plastic. Getting the right font might be tricky as well…is there a website for identifying fonts?