SUPER Fei Impressions

Now that a large number of you have your hands on the game and have free reign to experiment with Fei, I’m curious to know your impressions (especially since I haven’t gotten my copy yet :sad:). From what we’ve gathered from the changes thread, many of us were pleased. I want to know if that still holds true a day, a week, or even a month later.

Please relay Fei’s strength’s and weaknesses in SUPER as you see them! I don’t think we’re ready for full-on match up threads at this early stage yet, so some predictions for some of Fei’s matches would be lovely. Feel free to post combos, strats, or anything that could be leveraged for future knowledge compendiums. :china:

Here’s something I noticed on the PS3 version, I’m pretty fluent with Fei’s bnb’s and can hitconfirm them with my eyes closed in Vanilla SF. (Heck, I’ve gotten to the point where I stop midflow and mix it up with the rekkas). But in Super, I’m noticing that the buffering window has been shortened which makes the bnb’s kind of tighter to hit. The combo, > cr.lp xx rekka is more stricter to hit. Moreso, than it was in Vanilla.

Was Fei Long able to trade into super in vanilla? That scenario never happened to me in the previous game. I was in a match with a Bison and my HK traded with… something, not sure what, but after that some bad execution on my part turned a rekka into a super which connected for 6 hits instead of 5.

Edit: The new replay options are making sharing videos so much easier. Said trade into super is in the third round. Ignore my chicken wing spamming, not used to the faster startup just yet. The trade happens right about 2:40. I was also a little surprised that I was able to tenshin the starting frames of a psycho crusher. I guess I assumed that because the move was getting a buff it would have some invincibility startup.


In vanilla if you traded a LP Rekka, you could complete the motion for 3 more Rekkas (total of 4 hits). This is thanks to some combination of the counter-hit frame advantage and the fact that you recover faster from a trade than if you finished the Rekka.

In vanilla, the Super was 10 frames, so maybe it wasn’t possible then due to how slow it was… Pretty sweet to find some new ways to land our 5-frame Super :wgrin:

After 1 week of intensive playing:

-Back to pre-patch chickenwing
-No nerf on flamekick
-+1 frame on ex-chicken wing
-As stated by Starnab, better hitboxes on rekkas and CW
-Damage now in line with the rest of the cast
-Ultra2 definitively has some utility
-Faster super! tenshin into straight super is awesome, and a LOT of more stuff is now super punishable
-Flamekick input has now priority over tenshin

-Ultra1 still somewhat useless
-Nerfed bnb (30 damage is still 30 damage!)
-Ultra2 is VERY high risk/high reward
-Cooldown after dash is still here
-Some hitboxes aren’t corrected (no third hit on HK CW juggle VS some characters, close low punch ->close high punch not working on some characters ex: Boxer)
-No buff to EX rekkas, second hit still unsafe

Anyway, the game is very pleasant. No more bullshit trade to ultra or whatever juggle. Did maybe 250 matches and fought Sagat 4 or 5 times. While there’s still hard matchups for Fei, he’s definitely much better!

I will have to wait till the weekend for a good play down, but I am digging his HK CW it’s awesome compared to the old patched one for sure.

U2 cannot beat Jaguar Tooth, I tried to counter it on reaction and no dice. I did manage to counter Adon’s super on reaction though >o>

Of course it doesn’t beat jaguar tooth, that’s his armour breaking move.

That’s kinda odd, c.LK, c.LP, c.LP xx Rekka gave me no trouble (Even got it on my very first try lol). I dunno whether that’s due to better frames or just practicing it in SF4 carrying over somehow.

Also agreed on HK CW being preferrable to the last one. Hopefully Capcom won’t do the same damn thing to it just because the infinite works on Juri.

Edit: Boo at his overhead still being unsafe on block.

Hrmmm only played one match yesterday as I was in challenge mode for the most part, but his bnb felt exactly the same to me.

  • Better hitboxes with rekkas and cw that increase their priority
  • Better super : 5 startup frames
  • U2 usefull but risk/reward too much high imo.
  • : faster startup and the 2 hits connect faster

Punishment list with the super :

  • Rose’s sweep (which can be punished by rekkas too now)
  • Honda’s (at any ranges)
  • Chun’s sweep
  • Boxer’s sweep
  • all Honda’s headbutts
  • Ibuki’s sweep (the one which is the third hit of her combo => 2 rotatives kicks then sweep)
  • Blanka’s c.HP/c.HK ALL RANGES

Add it to everything that fei’s super punished before and that make a very huge list.

Trust me, those changes make fei better.

But the game is the same, i mean, Zangief is still his worse match-up. Sagat’s one is a little bit less testing due to his damages nerf.
Wait to fight very good players with newcomers to make an idea to those mtup.

Well i did remember them mentioning that they were going to make super more involved in the game.

Fei’s buff on super makes him a lot better defensively in that he can really punish you if you throw an unsafe move, we’ll probably be seeing alot more uses of the super seeing as fei’s EX moves aren’t that great for the most part.

I heard that they toned down the meter gain on gen’s moves, is it the same for everyone else? I sure hope not.

I am absolutely loving Fei. Contrary to what has been said, cr. lk, cr. lk xx cr. jab rekkas seems MUCH easier. Maybey I just found the rythm but I was hittin it like mad in training mode. And for SURE chicken wing to HP is easier now. Fei’s Trials were a breeze compared to the first time I did them.

His Rekkas seem safer not in their frames, but in that it feels like it hits a bit farther out from his fist. It may just be my training with Fei has led me to space my Rekkas better but you’ll probably feel it too.

Counter Ultra is fun as hell, discussed in the other thread on how to use it.

Forward Roundhouse is useful as hell. It’s a block string so it will break focus and you cant focus in between hits, great for pressure.

Roundhouse chicken wing change makes fei able to Bully people with it and medium chicken wing as long as you do it smart.

I am still concerned about Guile/Chun/Dejay. These are very tough matches for Fei still. Zangief is easier with less health and counter ultra to weaken his 50/50. Sagat is a pussy now…

He’s really great now, I haven’t played the Honda match up yet but Fei’s only problem left is getting in on the fireball chargers… easily his worst matches.

Its like counter Ultra you can depend on :slight_smile:

Gouken’s EX palm also breaks armor right?

I can say that his dash is faster. The recovery at the end of the dash feels like it’s been shaved by 2-3 frames. Ultra has been sped up. Thanks to very little damage reduction on Fei vs. most of the vanilla top-tier (who got a sizable damage nerf) it doesn’t feel like such an uphill battle anymore. Most matches now feel much closer and a lot less of a BS feeling if I lose (if i am hitting more than an opponent, they can’t count on BS ultra to win).

Counter ultra, wow, I don’t know what to say. It does huge damage but active frames are way to short. It really is just guessing. My biggest gripe with it though is the motion. Counters need to be fast and having a double motion really hurts the utility. Doesn’t help with zone outs but makes offensive players who only try to hit hard and fast and pound on combos to win, get punished badly.
Not that useful IMO as Fei already does that well. I think it helps in online play a bit though because of the below.

Net code is still hit or miss, mostly miss. Still that small amount of lag online makes blocking last second (which is important to Fei since he needs to get in on zoning characters) impossible even on full bar connections. Some players will exploit the lag so a practical use of counter ultra is to take a few hits purposely then use counter ultra.

Speculation on my part:

1st hit of HK CW to me seems a little bit weird, whiffs much more easily than it used to but the 2nd and 3rd hits have better hit boxes.

PS: Team battle is a lot of fun.

I finished Fei’s trial combo yesterday, and no doubt, I still love him !!! :slight_smile:

I find also that link some light into rekka is easier now; for example, one combo is cr.LK,cr.LP,cr.LK,cr.LP x Rekka. I just had hard time to confirm 2nd and 3rd rekka but no problem with the cr.LP x rekka… probably just need to adapt.

I can’t say something different than previous post, from what I saw I’m agree with all that was say, maybe except for the dash, I need to try again but I didn’t find it better or worse.

Fei is really really good in super. As of now he s easily High-mid tier. I play with a really strong group of people that used to dominate me and now selecting Fei just feels like I’m cheating.He only has one matchup that seems awful (Guile) but Juri and Able are still clearly in his favor. Also Zangief, Sagat and Rufus all feel like hills to climb instead of mountains now.
Obviously there is a nerf coming to him…Lets just pray it doesn’t make him bottom tier. If they give us the old HKCW back I want full juggle on ultra 1 to compensate.

They just need to make it so cl.HP’s hit stun isn’t long enough for an HK chickenwing. That’d be a very easy solution without nerfing Fei.

Or you know… just fix Juri’s stupid hitbox.

Anyway, I agree with everyone else, the people that used to give me trouble, I’m able to fight toe to toe with and WIN much much more now. Yesterday I didn’t lose a single match with Fei in my online sessions. I did pretty well with Guy and Juri too but I’m still ass with Dudley and Ibuki. I take back my initial impression of guy sucking. He’s actually not bad.

I’m surprised they boosted his damage output … as actually with Vanilla I was often “discovering” that the ennemy’s HP was very low after a few combos (= a few seconds). Some rounds did end in 10-15 seconds on ranked.
The HP > MK.Flame Kick punition was nearly eating 25% of opponent’s life, so when it was followed by a anticipation combo like>s.hp>hk.flame kick, that was 50% eaten in 5-7 seconds … After that, one or two hk/hp would put enemy into stun, and voil.

But now a buff ? I can see a lot of whine coming …