SUPER Fei Impressions

I bet you’re all imagining the better hitbox on rekka. Has anyone done any REAL testing?

It’s easy to see what you want to see…

In other news, they removed Fei’s freeze-the-game glitch. :sad:

Yea as I said it’s most likely just my experience with Fei has led me to hit safer rekkas. I agree with Guile being a nightmare now. Guile/Chun/Dejay are going to tke a lot of practice. Honda I finnaly played a few matches against and it’s not AS bad as it was. you can jump in a bit safer with MP now and once you build super you’ve shut down his headbutts.

Super DEFINITELY punishes all headbutts? If so that’s amazing.

How hard is it to pull off his infinite loop? It looks like it can easily 100% people even with scaling.

I’m loving the Counter Ultra. I’ve used it as an Anti Air a few times. And I’ve used it after I’ve knocked down opponents. It’s just another tool for Fei Long’s mind games.

I don’t know if you could do this in SF4, but I play as Gief and T.Hawk also. Well I tried rotating the stick on the 360 pad and pressing punch over and over and I can pull out Rekkas everytime. And it’s pretty useful for me as a crossup to just rotate the stick in the other direction. What a lazy shortcut. Anyone else tried just doing 360’s with characters who don’t use them? It’s pretty fun to see what comes out.

I do, and confirm this works in Vanilla, too :slight_smile:

What freeze the game glitch?

Kill the opponent with a jab/short and cancel it to command throw. The command throw comes after the K.O. and will leave the two characters just dogging each other. Can’t press anything.

Richard in the Fei Long thread? SHOOO! He’s not top tier enough for you to play son!

Is fei’s bnb really a 1 frame link? I have more trouble doing sagats bnb than fei’s. But I guess it helps that you can chain the first hits.

I’m loving to punish thoses light punch/kicks spammers with Ultra 2 !

if you go all crouching attacks on the normals before rekkas, its 1 frame

I FINALLY got my hands on Super and so far I’m loving it! :wgrin:

I also suffered from the “Something’s weird here” effect with Fei. I felt as if his normals had more recovery frames to them or something which was really throwing me off at first. I’m liking the damage we get off of MP> HK CW now, especially since its applicable to so many people on the roster. I really still have to practice to get that down as a punishment though.

Some things I fooled around with in the lab today:

  1. cl.MP> HK CW> cl.HP> HK Flame Kick = 402 dmg (with j.HK, this is 430) and only one tick away from an EX bar. I think using HP Rekkas will net you the full bar, but I wasn’t patient enough to try it. Off a jump-in, you get a full bar and then some.

  2. Off a jump-in and with one bar: j.HK> cl.MP> HK CW> cl.HP> EX Flame Kick = 472. This is a likely combo since you should get the one bar you need by the end of the string. As you can see though, the damage bonus isn’t very great so probably best to save the EX bar you gain for something else.

  3. [edit] Oops, I guess SF4 had this one too-- can’t believe I didn’t notice :sweat: [/edit]

so is the link from hkcw>hp still 1 frame or did they loosen it?

As far as I can tell, yea–it’s still one of the tougher links that Fei has. I’ve noticed along with others, however, that the timing for the link has changed (become more lenient). Not sure why this is, but it works in our favor. If you’re using one button press, it’s still going to be chalked up to your own reaction timing though. Best to Plink if you know how.

[edit] BTW, more testing. U2 minimum (at half bar exactly) is 332 damage which is less than U1.

im still waiting on the game, but as of now which Ultra do you guys think is better ?

I’m very partial to U1 since I know how to use it and I like the buff they gave which makes it easier to hit the 3-hit Ultra. I think that really puts Fei’s DP> Ultra into the “competitive” category; although not the best DP> Ultra, it’s still better than say, Ken’s. The new (old) HK CW also gives us another tool for offense (the slow one was more defensive than anything) which can be used to link into the Ultra easily. Given that, U1 really lends more to Fei’s rush down than U2.

I still haven’t found a good match-up where U2 would be helpful, but I’ve thought of some characters, provided I’m not misguided on their moves/abilities:

  1. Guy: Elbow drop and all running moves should be catchable. His only armor breaker is his Hozanto which is usually used to end combos.

  2. Bison, Sakura: Pokes and easily blockable/punishable specials. Their cross-up game can be tough to read, so use U2 to shut it down.

  3. Zangief, Hakan: Poke, poke, throw. Hakan knows the slide is suicide without doing a 2-in-one to open you up first (or on punishment). What are his armor breakers again? Anyway, stay out of SPD range and just duck if you see his other ridiculous grab to beat those and force the pokes out of him.

  4. Balrog: Keep him grounded! No more j. HK to stuff your Flame Kicks–just eat it with counter. If he does nothing, just jab him out of his jump. Now he has to walk forward to pressure: Rekka/CW bait.

  5. Chun: Her jump-ins and neutral jump were a pain in vanilla. The counter may be useful in limiting that, though she still has her fireball. Blocking her rush may force a Hazanshu or command cross-up on you, perfect for U2.

  6. Rufus, Gen: The new Gen is all about his better normals now (as I’ve read in their forum). Hands and the dive kick will armor break, but his general approach is counter-friendly. Take out Rufus’ aerial approach with U2 as well.

  7. Akuma, Gouken: Akumas can be tricky with their vortex mix-ups; U2 can stop that from going on for too long. Also after blocking an Air Hadouken, maybe Akuma won’t be so ready to rush in thinking he’s got you perfectly trapped. Gouken’s approach requires normals as his specials are more defensive/slow. Limited use for these two if you play zoning types though.

  8. Juri, Makoto: Everything except for that their aerial kick specials are counter-friendly. Makoto’s pokes are frame-traps rather than straight rapid-fire cancels. This puts you at a frame disadvantage, which is where you want to be with U2. The axe kick can make things complicated, but if you flame kick often, maybe you can break her of that habit (don’t know whether it beats the Axe or gets stuffed). For Juri, this is much more difficult as she’s very fast and won’t attack until she’s close enough to use her light kicks; this may not actually be a good character to use it on, but that needs to be tested further.

  9. Cammy: I don’t believe that her Ultra breaks armor; only her Spin Knuckle does. Given that, everything else is catchable. Use U2 to scare her away from jump-ins.

hey nosone have u actually gotten cl.MP> HK CW> cl.HP> HK Flame Kick to work after a jumpin/focus, ive tried on a few characters and the hkcw flys right over there heads, i could get it to work straight up on thawk but wenever i jumped in/focused b4 the combo the hkcw would not combo, it would crossup during the middle hit and thats all

New Fei rocks. He feels like he can finally compete with the big guys. I really doubt he’ll end up low tier in SSF4.

And Sagat as an opponent feels now like just another shoto. Not intimidating at all.
Also Ryu vs Fei seems like a 5:5-matchup to me.

SSF4 is an incredibly fun game and not frustrating for Fei-users anymore. Well, I have to add that I didn’t encounter a Guile yet…

At first that was exciting to read - but it was already in SF4.
Look at the blocked c.MP @0:17:

I’ve played a few Guile’s and it wasn’t as bad as i expected. CW is pretty much key here although you have to be slightly psychic about it. Since Guile now has low charge sonic booms, he tends to want to throw those. If you CW at the same time a boom comes, you’ll fly over it and tag him. It’s a guessing game except if you make it over a boom you’re in position to combo to take off a good amount of life. Guile has the advantage of probably landing more booms than you would fly over but 1 combo and you get it back. Mid risk, high reward scenario.

If he doesn’t throw boom, it feels like Guile got buffed in other ways to make it feel like a pretty even match-up.