Super FFM-Rumble 4 on 02.10.2010 sponsored by Capcom,Mad Catz,Zen United,HeadUp,HORI

The FFM-Rumble Team (King Alo, don_tknow & Mic Witt) is back in the fight for the most entertaining and hottest fighting game tourney in the German-scene efforts.

Date: 2010-10-02
Location: FH-Cafe Frankfurt Main ( **Germany
**Friedberger Landstraße 175
60389 Frankfurt am Main

Main Games: Super Street Fighter 4 & Blazblue Continuum Shift
Format: 1on1, Round Robin, Double Elimination (Pro & Advanced)
Hardware: XBOX360
Sponsored by: Capcom, Mad Catz, Zen United, Headup, HORI, Flash Point
Partners & Support: hardedge
Entry Fee: EUR 10, - (advance) - payment details will follow

Side Events:
Yeahhh, we want this broken shit! Of course, is purely coincidental because now the third part is coming up …
However, we can host it for reasons of time only as a small side-event. So max. 16er single elimination, 2-3 stations and two hours time. First come first Marvel’t.

No SSFIV & BB only event
The FFM-Rumble is not a SSFIV / BB only event. Here can be played what will.

Thanks to our sponsors BIG prices are guaranteed!

Because when it gets hot FFM-Rumble is the participation of over 18 years and at their own responsibility!
Application directly to the thread:
Nickname: Banker KingAlo
Games: SSF4 + BB

Overnight accommodation
We can play this time will be longer than usual. See you Sunday at 10 clock in the morning we can stay in the location.
Therefore, we will have a small separate area for sleeping. So your sleeping bag brings fürn few hours sleep.

For catering suburb will be provided. There will be several dishes (chili con carne, pizza, sandwiches) and drinks.

Marvel vs Capcom 3 will be playable at Super FFM-Rumble 4

MVC3 will be playable at Super FFM-Rumble 4 with all new characters from Tokio Game Show!
Book your flights, now!

I`m attending this great event and offering a Dual Mod Service. PM me if you want to have a dual mod in your TE.