Super from a HK throw? WTF?

I was at the arcade and the opponent (Sagat in this case) had only a bit of life left and I was raged. I did a HK throw and then immediately did the charging super in hopes of whiffing and then throwing again or just chipping them to death. What happened was when the super came out it did a 3 hit combo!!! (the throw does 2 hits). Has anyone seen this before?

I’m gonna have to check this out, did you do level 1, 2, or 3?

It was lvl3 (K-groove)… Neways, I tested it out on DC… if you set the dummy to all-block then the super gets blocked, the wierd thing is, if you have a normal dummy the super registers as a 3 hit combo… I guess what happened was the guy using Sagat probably tried a wake-up and he didn’t get it off in time so the super hit… I guess the only weird part is that it registers as 3 hits… I should have asked if he was blocking when I had the chance…

You can’t wake-up on that super anyway, I’ll check this stuff out today.

A lvl 3 orochinagi’s aura does 3 hits as does the flame extension on release. Your probably seeing things, that didnt combo.

I think it was just the super since it hits for 3. the 2 hit combo bar must’ve been quickly replaced by the super’s 3 hit one, but then again i just started using kyo today so i’m no expert

I havent played this game on console for while and is there thing on training made where u can check ur dmg? if so do a regualr special and check the dmg then do ur grab combo and check it.

btw the special hit him when he just got up?