Super Gem Fighter Mini Mix GGPO Tourney 12-18-2010


That’s right Super Gem Fighter also known as Pocket Fighter will have a GGPO tourney on the date listed, so if you wish to join post up that you want to do so. Make sure you ask me any questions and I’ll try to answer them, See you the day of the tourney!


  • Make sure you read the flyer below
  • Counter-picking is allowed after a loss only
  • All characters are allowed
  • Lagging someone on purpose is strictly prohibited if you suspect someone is lagging you, ask me to spectate your match and I will be able to see if the player is lagging you on purpose.
  • If GGPO restarts and you are in the middle of a match you must restart that match.
  • If someone drops the match goes to the opposing player.
  • If there is anything unresolved for example a player says it was their win or you say it was your win you must replay with me spectating your match if a player refuses I will use the “coin-flip” option to decide on the winner since no conclusion could be reached.
  • After your matches are finished please tell me the score and who won for example if player a wins against player b you would state player a won with a score of 2-0. Please do this if you want the scores on the brackets to be accurate if no score is told to me I simply give a zero score to the losing player.
  • Finals will be played one at a time. (Winner Finals, Loser Finals, Grand Finals)
  • Please try to be there at least 10 minutes early if you’re not there by 3:30 I will find someone to take your spot, or you might be put in the losers bracket.
  • Finals will be recorded and uploaded to my youtube.
  • Please check the brackets to see who you will be playing next as they will be updated every time you give me your scores, don’t be asking who you’re supposed to play over and over please make sure to keep checking the brackets!

1st - Cowz
2nd - Souless
3rd - Mighty Mar

Player List

  1. DooM
  2. Jeff
  3. MadHatter
  4. SeanxFayt
  5. CrepsitO
  6. Kizer
  7. DCyclops
  8. Souless
  9. Shun_District
  10. Capitan Gallo
  11. OmegaRed
  12. Juno
  13. Cowz
  14. EdwardNigma
  15. Hokuto
  16. Mighty Mar


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My name of player is:



Could someone pleeeeaaaase record these? I’m dying to see this game played competitively.


sign me up bro.


I could try with fraps


Game is fun as hell. Hope to play it some more! Hopefully, next time my roommate won’t come in at the last minute and start streaming during a grand finals match that I was in. :frowning:


I’m still uploading 2 matches, but check my channel for the others! I like souless vs chrisdom lol solid play.

YouTube - SeanxFayt’s Channel

Edit: I only recorded the first matches of the bracket, but they’re all up :smiley:


mar’s mashing is too strong =X


thx for uploading the matches. what was with the (slight)pausing/buzzing?


ggpo =[


Son of a bitch, I missed it!