Super Gem Fighter Tournament GGPO July 15 sunday 5pm E/2pm P


Time Zones:

5pm EST
4pm CST
3pm MST
2pm PST
1pm AST
12pm HST


Setting: Speed Turbo 1
Rounds 3 out of 5

3 out of 5 matches single elimination (Once you lose, you are out the tournament)
Grand final is 5 out of 7 matches.

Matches will be assign randomly to each tournament players. If certain players can’t connect to each other, they’ll be assign to a different opponent. IF two players can’t connect to each other when there are no other opponents, they’ll be DQ.

Make sure to come on time. I’ll wait till to 5:15ppm/2:15pm to start the tournament.


Lag abuse, rapid fire buttons and any cheating ARE NOT ALLOWED IN THIS TOURNAMENT.

Be nice & friendly to each other.

Here are the following ppl that are in this tournament:

Bang Em Banks

'The' Super Gem (Pocket) fighter Thread

I’m in…
Make sure you add me to the list.


I also posted this page here…


Hey bro, I was thinking perhaps we should change the date of our tourney. Or at least make the time later on during Sunday. Since the tourney we’re having will be during “Grand Finals” of EVO. I personally think one of those options might be a better idea and render a better outcome for us. I know everyone everywhere will want to watch the happenings and conclusion of EVO that day, including myself. It will be hard to participate/manage a tourney with that kind of excitement going on throughout the day. I recommend making one of those favorable adjustments for ourselves. Let me know what you think.


Ok, Ill change it to july 15 then, is that cool with you?


Yeah, I think that will work better lol. Evo Grand finals is a must watch for most people I know. Hopefully it all works out!


All rite it done, now hopefully we’ll get more ppl…




I wonder where else we can post it, to get more exposure?