Super Gem Fighter


I know there’s a thread for this game in the ‘Other Games’ forums - but no one checks there, and there’s little information in that thread. I’m hoping some of those enthused with this game see this thread, or at the very least, if this gets closed, they see it and start posting in the other thread.

I essentially just want to talk about the game because I’d like to learn how to play it. If there’s any one that has really dived into this game at any point, I’d really like to details regarding all you know. How the combo/general system works, tactics, easter eggs - everything.

Sources for this game a retarded scarce, which I guess is somewhat understandable.

Basic BnBs are very simple its pretty much

p p p p
p k k k
p p k k
p k k k
k p p p
k k p p
k k k p
k k k k

and yeah throw in S to replace the last input on some combos and there you have it.

There’s definitely more the game than the natural string variations I figured out on my own within 10 playing the game on my own. I want info on the game’s juggle mechanics and such.

i’ve always wanted to see what this game would look like at a high level, i’ve seen a couple of vids on youtube from top level players, and someone did a tier list in the “tiers for sh*t games thread”, but i dont agree with all of it

from what I hear Chun Li is as scary good as she is in SF3 and Sakura is the most powerful Shoto

Thats actually what i dont agree with, i agree sakura being good, but i just wasn’t seeing why chun li is supposedly top, she looked pretty bad to me

but its been forever since i played anyway

heh. I could still corner throw infinite with Felicia, but then again that’s basic ish

You’re both wrong

Its also fully escapable

yeah…but that Ken Shoryu Reppax3 combo wasnt. if im wrong, I gotta get back on ggpo and play for some more…“fun”. any wiki for this game to look at combos and stuff?

enlighten us?
i really want to see top level play as well. any links to youtube vids? everytime i look for this or mvsf its a bunch of ppl doing playthroughs at basic skill level.

they shouldn’t be all that hard to find, i just typed “super gem fighter” in youtube and found this


its jr. rodriguez, popular 3rd strike akuma, i also saw some vids of justin wong playing a while ago, i cant say if there exactly “top level” but its better than nothing

is this really the right way to dethrone ssf4

i’d love to see some high level felicia play on youtube

Suprisingly this game is alot deeper than what it seems there are frame traps, overheads and unblockable set ups with hsien ko and chun

Chun and Geif are top hands down just play it to see why sakura has the best damage output for a shoto and ryu is balanced… Ive still got the game and have vast knowledge of it just no one to play with

Stop off at game faqs and read a basic guide to get the hang of the game

those guides help if you are missing a manual. I want to see an actual foundation, in terms of combos, gem setups, and the latter to get noobs started

I have fond memories of this game. My dad brought it for me as a birthday gift. Fun times. I don’t how successful the game was but I always hoped that Capcom would make a sequel.

I have an old gamepro that had a mini guide for this game. I’ll see if I still got it.

The guides at gamefaqs are just fine for getting new players started on the game. Gem Fighter is not rocket science by any stretch of the imagination to begin with.

well its probably a step up from smash

Nobody is even trying to think about rocket science here(that shit sucks). But if you think those faqs are okay to you, then it’s okay. ‘I’ personally suggest that there should be more to the faqs than what is implemented. I’m sure that there is a said guide

Where is Kutabare when you need him? Seriously, he’s the guy to ask when it’s about Pocket Fighter (at least in the western world). Check out his thread on