Super Gem Fighter

me and my mate are currently smashing Super Gem Fighter on the street fighter alpha anthology on ps2 and the question that came up was

do you think this game should be released on XBLA or the PSN? also if you think yes, do you think it should get a hd graphic overhaul like Super Street Fighter 2: Turbo HD Remix or should it be kept classic but with sprite smoothing like with Marvel vs Capcom 2

there is no other game like GF out on XBLA or PSN. in my opinion its a game to play as a sort of break from playing a serious fighting game like SF4 etc.

Do you agree or disagree?

I loved pocket fighter and yea i think it should be released on xbla/psn. It doesn’t really need a graphic overhaul, it looked good as it was. Sprite smoothing never hurts tho. =p

I’m pretty sure noone would disagree…

please bring to XBL!

It should be released on PSN/XBLA. If I’m not playing it on my laptop, then I’m playing it on my PSP. XD

Is it not already on the arcade? i remember downloading the trial a while ago!

Sorry i thought you meant the puzzle fighter. My bad!

Oh dang, I thought you meant Super Puzzle Fighter too.

I own the cps2 cart. This game is a hit at parties cause girls think its cute.

Fun game. I would pick it up if they brought it on XBLA. Used to spend time beating fools in this at the only place in the area with cabinets.