Super Glitch Potential Discovered

I found out something really funky that I haven’t seen anywhere else…

Venom on point with Anakaris ground assist.

Basically just Fierce throw with Anakaris ground assist. Forward FP + assist.

Anakaris hits and they bounce, but they are still webbed.

Now this may not seem amazing in itself, but the computer did this to me when I was about to die, and instead of dying, I lived with no health and was still able to play with some weird glitchy properties. I haven’t really messed around with it much, but for a quick example, after the glitch happened, I did a regular air combo into flying screen. Now normally you’d dash in right after they hit the ground, but my character did not appear for a good 5-6 seconds, and the computer dashed back a couple of times while my character was chasing them. Weird shit.

Also when he did finally hit me to kill me (again?), I just flew up and then back down to the ground without any special sound effects.

I don’t know if my description makes sense, and I know a lot of glitches start off with venom FP throw shenanigans, but this is the first time Ive seen stuff like this.

You guys fuck around with it and see if you can find anything else.

lol (and I only use lol now when I am really laughing out loud btw)

w/ Venom on point and Anakaris-ground as an assist:

f+HP (and call Anak assist)

I’m not sure what I’d be looking for in training mode with this, but I will probably end up plugging in a 2nd pad to see what I can do in vs. Neat find. I don’t see any gamebreaking stuff from this though.

edit: OMG, I’m invincible. J/k This is not really an edit. I’m just bullshitting b/c it’s late and I’m about to play Marvel to check out a glitch. lol? Not this time.

I thought someone else would have posted about this by now. I don’t think this is really new…I remember my roommate doing something with Venom’s hp throw w/ Spidey-capture and Mag-projectile some time last year.

After messing around with it myself last night on DC, I noticed the following about Venom’s hp throw:

he grabs you, holds you in position for a bit, and wraps you in web

During that point where he is holding you in ‘position’ to be webbed, you can still get hit by most outside attacks. There are some assists that will just hit you and do nothing and won’t have any effect on the webbing process, but then there are others that will hit you and do what they would normally do to you, but you would still get webbed in the process of being hit. You fall from the move in a webbed state, but when you land you are not webbed.

I messed around with Sentinel-Y, Spidey-A, Thanos-A, Omega Red-throw, Anak-ground, and Jugz-dash. Sentinel-Y/OmegaRed/Anak/Jugz hits and does damage, but you still pop up webbed…spidey/Thanos doesn’'t affect but just splashes onto you.

I will say tho, that Omega Red’s effect was the most interesting that I played with last night. There were times when his coil would grab them just before or just as they got webbed, and he would fling them into the air as they are stuck in the web the entire time. The arc would be lower than his usual fling, and they would land upside down. Like you would see their standing sprite, but upside-down. If you hit them just as they land (which doesn’t do damage), it pushes them backwards where they stay upside-down for a brief period of time.

I see in-match advantages from Venom’s hp throw off the fact alone of that it could possibly be used to employ some mean cross-ups with the aid of certain assists, and then also stack on good dmg with others…and provide for some interesting corner combos.