Super gun power question (hella easy)

Okay, I have completed my supergun, but I use an external arcade power supply. So I want to mount a circular connector so that the power wires can be plugged an unplugged, right now they’re hard wired. Because on the supergun I have the “live” wire from the wall (AC) going through it, I need to make sure it is safe for the circular connector to carry AC current.

Are there any special connectors I need to run AC? Minimum guage requirements or something? I assume I can’t run live AC through a regular Dsub connector without melting it…any help?

Oh yeah, and it needs to support 7 pins at least, only 2 of them are AC, the rest are my grounds and regular arcade power supply DC output.

Thanks guys. :tup:

My supergun is setup kind of similar in regards to the power supply. When I get home from work I will try and get some pics for you, I can’t say exactly what gauge the wires are but they are thick as fuck, maybe an 8 or 9 at the very least.

Thanks man. What kind of connector do you use? Because the two live AC wires I have going into the supergun are just regular power cords, so I know they are safe. But the CONNECTOR I need to by so that I can easily plug and unplug the power wires is what I am concerned about, I need to know which circular connector would be safe to handle the live cord from an AC outlet. :tup:

I have a Happ Comtrols power supply that connects via molex connectors to my supergun. Coming from the supergun is the grounded 3-prong that goes into the wall outlet. Let me know what exactly you would like me to get pictures off and I’ll take them. You can get me on AIM or even email me and I can send you high res pics much easier than I can on here. I believe you have my email as we talked about some supergun work in the past. Let me know and I can have the pictures as early as tomorrow morning.