Super Joy Box 3 Pro config

I bought a SJB 3 Pro. I opened it up and found a freakin floppy disk in there for the drivers and software.
I found the drivers for it on the Mayflash site, but it doesn’t seem to install the configuration software. I cannot find the configuration software anywhere online.

I started up SF IV and the X and O buttons work, but nothing else does.
I have a PS Digital PCB in my stick, and I am running windows 7.

If anyone has the configuration software, or knows where I can get it I would appreciate it.


No delete.

I have a Mayflash Super Joy Box 3 Pro.
Used the Driver downloaded from their site.


It wont let me configure from the device driver properties like it says in the manual.
I think it’s basically the D pad that doesn’t work.
I’ll put the text back.

I’m an idiot. Works fine I just had to reinstall the drivers for some reason. I did it twice but it worked the third time around.

But if anyone needs to know where the new PC controller configuration is you have to go to devices and printers and right click on the controller. I XP I used to be able to do it through the device manager.

Warning for anyone using the Mayflash site to download converter drivers; they have mixed up the links for the PC038 Super Dual Box pro and PC039 Super Joy Box 5 pro.