Super Jump Cancel Drill Kicks. Does anyone have a video?



So I was wondering if anyone has or knows of a video that shows how Super Jump Cancel (SJC) Drill Kick looks like?

Every time I try to do a SJC Drill Kick, it does not seem to be any different compared to if you were to simply do a drill kick as soon as possible on a normal jump. Am I doing the SJC wrong or is the difference in speed minimal?

I hope that there is some sort of video so that I can see if I am doing the SJC’s right or not

any help would be appreciated


I’ve always wondered the same thing – super jumping for a drill kick never seemed to make much of a difference, even though I’d heard multiple times that it allowed you to drill faster or lower to the ground. So I went into FBA and did some testing frame-by-frame. These are all with Necro standing next to a neutral standing Ryu.

Normal jump forward, HK drill kick:
Frame 0 - hold up
Frame 6 - Necro leaves the ground
Frame 15 - down+HK, earliest frame that drill kick comes out
Frame 25 - Ryu gets hit
Frame 40 - Ryu gets hit again
Frame 52 - Necro lands

Super jump forward, HK drill kick:
Frame 0 - press down
Frame 1 - hold up forward
Frame 8 - Necro leaves the ground
Frame 14 - down+HK, earliest frame that drill kick comes out
Frame 24 - Ryu gets hit
Frame 39 - Ryu gets hit again
Frame 51 - Necro lands

So it looks like, with perfect execution, super jumping can save you just one frame at the cost of being vulnerable on the ground longer – hard to say that it’s really worth it.


Thank you very much for the info mwelsh! ( ^_^)

I am glad I’m not the only one who noticed that the difference in speed is minute. I honestly thought I wasn’t SJCing right since everyone says that there is a significant difference between SJC and regular jump drill kicks. I’ve been going a bit crazy trying to find out what the difference and now my mind is at ease haha. Maybe that one frame is helpful for pro’s but I honestly do not see how that would of much help.

Once again, thanks so much for your help mwelsh!

Side note: wait, super jumps give you more lag when you land then regular jumps?


I meant that there is more lag during the jump startup – for Necro, superjump has 7 prejump frames and normal jump has 5 prejump frames. I don’t think there is any difference between them when landing (maybe someone else knows for sure?)


well at least now my minds at ease.


So I was thinking about super jump drills some more, and I think it might actually be something worth keeping in mind.

The main problem is that it only saves 1 frame, but requires a perfectly executed superjump (down-up in 2 frames). You can’t do that consistently for a raw superjump.

BUT, if you buffer the superjump behind something else (like another move or landing from a jump), then you don’t need a perfect 2 frame down-up – you can just hit down near the end of the move, and hold up to superjump at the first opportunity. You actually get a lot of leeway for a superjump, a max of 7 frames between the down and up for the superjump to come out! And because you’re hiding that down input behind a move, you are saving one additional frame, so you can potentially drill kick 2 frames faster with a superjump!

For example, if you are doing a bunch of drills in a row, you can buffer the down while still in the air, and hold up to super jump immediately when you land. Or you can buffer it at the end of some move, like a tornado hook.

This pushes it from “not really worth it” to “might as well try it.” You’re still gaining only two frames if you execute perfectly, but it’s something. And more importantly, it gives you a little more leeway to prevent your from doing d+HK too early and accidentally getting j. HK. That has to be the absolute worst feeling in 3S – screwing up a drill kick and watching in horror as you float slowly to your doom… :slight_smile:


I know its an old thread but this might be exactly what @mwelsh mentions whiffed j.HK and all. (@ 0:50)