Super Jump Cancel

I’ve made the switch from Gouki to Ibuki about 6 months ago, and progress is coming along well. However, I’m having a very hard time super jump canceling after her combos. The one I really want to do is the LP, MP, cr. HK, HK one. Is there a trick to it or is it just strictly timing? I’m using a Arcade stick.

The idea is to quickly hit down then hit an up direction as soon as or shortly after the opponent gets launched in the air. Same idea as super jump cancelling after Chun’s SA2.

Okay. I guess what you saying is timing is the key.

He’s saying it’s a late cancel.

Timing is the key to everything in 3S.

If you’re not used to SJ cancelling at all, I’d suggest practicing with Chun’s SA2, as mentioned above. The method I use is to try to execute the super jump as you hear/see the last hit connect. Once you get it down with Chun, you can just use the same methods and apply them to the last hit of Ibuki’s 5-hit chain. Let me know if/how this works for ya…

And yea…as two of the SRK Ibuki gurus mentioned…practice and getting the timing down is the key to success for everything in 3s : )

When I started playing Ibuki (About 4 years ago), that s.jump gave me some problems to get it down.
First, practice the (far)c.Roundhouse, s.Roundhouse --> S.Jump. This way i’ve learnt the timing for the sj after the complete chain.

BTW, one thing I still have problems with is c.Fierce sjc Kasumi (Althoug is somewhat useless :P)

Well, due to my PS3 doesn’t support my VFHS arcade stick anymore I no longer can play 3S with it. However, before the update I notice what I needed to do for the SJC. Loosen the grip of the stick helped a lot. When Ibuk-buk is on the left side I can excute SJC with all of her SJC combos about 85%; however, when she is on the right side it’s still a none existence. I know it have to do with the way I’m holding the stick. Thank you guys for the info too. I’ll be posting videos of my progess soon.

It took me awhile to get the sjc, but after you do, it becomes second nature. I generally start the sjc by pressing down when her last hit is connecting, then pressing up right after and it works pretty well for me.