Super Jump Canceling after Neutral throw

As people know, you can use a Super Art such as X.N.D.L. or X.F.L.A.T. on a knocked down Hugo after a neutral throw. I can do the X.N.D.L. but not the X.F.L.A.T., however I can do the MK, SJC but not after the neutral throw. Plus anytime I do nail it off it totally misses. Any info on this.

You just have to do it really, really, really quickly. Literally as soon as you finish the super, and just barely off of the ground.

I do it by using a 360 (well, really a 450) motion, starting at down and going counter clockwise. That all counts as both a super-jump and two fireball motions, so it’s the quickest possible way without being a machine.

Also, drum your fingers across the kicks when you do it, Negative Edge styles. Without going into the super-specifics of negative edge, that makes sure you do the move as soon as humanly possible.

N - For details, of course (shameless plug) check the Twelve tutorial on

I’ve seen the vid, excellent vid but now when I d/l it from there i dont get the full video only up to where he’s fightin Dud

Hm, weirdo. Is that during Anti-airs, or all that stuff in Stage 4?

N - I’ll ask Blaze either way, thanks for telling me.

thanx cause I love that vid and want the full length version

Blaze says the file was wonky a few days ago, should be totally fixed now. Thanks again.