Super Jump??

I’ve heard people talking about super jumps but i can’t do it in game. Is it the usual tap down before jumping or is with certain characters only?

Where did you hear people talking about that?

Huh? This isn’t Marvel.

Yes there are super jumps (read your manual to the other people responding).

All chars have them, but they are very character specific, some are not very noticable.

I think he means super jump cancel

Like Cammy can from her S.HK & Ken from whatever move

I knew about Cammy’s jump-cancel HK. I didn’t think of it as a super-jump, though. Interesting.

Haven’t read manuals in 7 years, no bullshit.

i wonder if super jumps get better properties with speed gems… aka becoming a lot more useful
that would be really clever, so i doubt it :smiley:

So much misinformation in here

Cammy’s jump cancel HK isn’t a super jump cancel, but @ first two replies, yes, there are super jumps in this game, but they are negligible for most characters outside of potentially weird crossups instead of fake crossups, that’d be neat

That’s what I thought.

And by the way, I have all speed gems on Cammy and yes the jump-cancel works with the speed boost. Cammy is hilarious with three speed gems on.

If you superjump you jump noticably higher…they are obviously on the game. Very useful for Hugo in getting over firebqpls. Also due to normal antiairs low active frames suoerjumoing canthrow off their timing (sort of like being able to float higher like chun)

The plot thickens…

Is it a glitch? Is it written on the manual?

No super jumps are not a glitch, they are part of the game. You can differentiate normal jumps for super jumps by a larger dust cloud.

They are all over the place in terms of frame data, some characters have longer super jumps in frames then they’re regular jumps, others are exactly the same.

So far I’ve really only found a few uses for them, most notably with hugo, jumping over fireballs is much better with super jump then regular jump due to his big ass hitbox and the way his jump arcs work.

Also you can do some weird cross ups with ogre if you mix between super jump and his regular jump after about 3 blocked st. lp’s ( might have to test it more but regular jump hits front side and super hits back side, trying to find set ups for landing on either side ).

^^^^^was gonna say look at the dust cloud u beat me to it

It isn’t super jump cancelling it’s just jump cancelling. You can just hold up and the move is still cancelled.

You can super jump by pressing down up really quickly with a couple characters. Ibuki being the main one that has multiple moves that can be super jumped. ( 7 to be exact)

Can it really be called super jump?
According to the Brady guide super jump affects the following:

“Jump duration in frames (high jump in parentheses)”

Juri 31(35) vertical/34(34) diagonal
Hugo 34(35)/ 34(35)
Zangief 36(37)/ 36(37)
Ibuki 37(36)/ 41(41) — not a typo

Bob 31(35)/ 35(35)
Marduk 34(31)/ 34(31) — not a typo
Kuma 36(37)/36(37)-- not a typo
Xiaoyu 40(39)/39(39)
Lili 37(36)/37(36)

All other characters retain the same:
Vega 34(34)/34(34)
Asuka 35(35)/35(35)

This game had super jumps?!

Now it officially has everything.

Nitpicking here but I thought ‘Super jumps’ were the ones you see in vs games where they go flying skyhigh above.
and ‘high jump’ is the slightly higher/further jump seen in 3s and certain characters in sf4(ibuki, Cviper)

Dan thought me in the manual.