Super Jumping on Chun Li

I tend to super jump a lot against Chun Li when I’m using remy. Most Chun Li’s tend to turtle, and as Remy it’s really not a good thing because we turtle too (well most of us anyway). This usually goes in Chun’s favor as she can build her meter up and become scary. Thus, against her I usually don’t wait for her to build the meter up, and try to jump and land the solid basic combo: Jumping Roundhouse, low short, short rising rage flash. Although, many experts advise against frequent jump-ins (due to the high parry and all that good stuff), I feel that Remy’s leg is long enough so that I can vary the timing in a flexible way. Sometimes I don’t press the kick button until very deep to throw off her parrying. And many times, it seems like even if Chun was able to parry the initial jumping roundhouse, I can still get off the subsequent low short, short rising rage flash to finish off the combo.

So my questioN:

does anybody else super jump against chun li to fly over her annoying Fierce Punch?

note: i’m talking more about casual matches here. I understand that in tournament level play, you play as safe as possible.

i don’t see any point to super jump
she can throw you if you land on the other side or cr. mk SAII

Doesn’t matter…casual or tournament you will get owned if you super jump in on Chun. At least if you’re using a character like Ibuki or Oro you have some options to mix up in the air. All Remy has is j.HP/HK (j.HP will usually whiff if she’s crouching) or empty jump throw. Both will get owned by c.MK super or b.HP easy. Once in a blue moon a super jump attack might actually get Chun Li but I would only try it when she doesn’t have bar and after you’ve knocked her down with a throw.

yeah actually i usually only do it when she doesn’t have a bar, early on in the game. HP is useless for sure (unless you’re lucky), but I find HK a pretty good bet, as it has a farther reach, thus more flexibility.