Super Jumping out of Hyper Sent Force after blocking the first set of drones



Sentinel - Guard Cancelling out of HSF

I noticed that when u guard cancel with sentinel (jumping out of HSF) the timing is a bit different than with smaller characters shrugs

I can get every other character to sj out of hsf around 90% of the time but I can’t seem to get it with sentinel for some reason…

someone wanna help out?

thx in advance


One more thing, this guard break tactic ONLY works with Sentinel, Juggernaut, and Blackheart. Normal sized characters have a different tactic.



bleh i suck at gcing

Newayz, i see pros at my arcade get outta the hsf before it actually comes out and hits u for block damage. can i just simply SJ out or do i need to GC?


If you did not block anything before the HSF, of course you could sj. out of it no problem. But if you did block something, just refer to my reply above and you’ll be ok.

Oops! I forgot to teach you how to GC out of a HSF with normal sized characters. There are two tactics of getting out.

  1. How I do it is...First, if you blocked something before they threw the HSF, you need to pushblock just right before the first set of drones come at you. Then, right after you've blocked the second set of drones, sj. and do what ever the fuck you want.
  2. RIGHT when you've blocked the first set of drones, pushblock and after the second set of drones have been blocked, sj. out, etc. etc.

for some reason, I have a bit more trouble escaping the HSF with tactic #2


Sup Kyle!
Everything about GCing outta HSF was already said in the first thread about it. Pushblock when first set of drones almost reach the timer, sj out after second set. There is no difference in timing for Sentinel to get out. I do exactly what I do with everyone else and it works. Its probably just your mind playing tricks on you and thinking Sent is too big.


It’s easiest with sentinel to do earlier, don’t wait as long for the pushblock. it matters.


does it make a difference whether you’re blocking low or standing and blocking?


Nope. Doesn’t make no difference.


I’ve seen it done and as a Sent, IM, Cyke player i need to know i face a lot of Sents and i can only jump out if i duck the RP but i seen ppl pushblock the first set of drones then sj out. Anyone got the timeing down on this tactic???


pushblock the rock punch,and super jump as soon as the second wave of drones pass you by


Niiiiiiiiiiiiiice thanx a lot btw does anyone know where to find some good Sentinal vids i’m trying to learn a few of his infinites and some IronMan vids i already have the IM Tribute but i want to see more air infinites.


sentinel has no infinites - just semi infinites

as for videos of sentinel

you should be able to find some stuff there


how do you ahvb when the HSF is going on? push block the 1st wave of drones or what?:confused:


pushblock when u see the 1st set of drones near the timer then ahvb after the 1st set…


Pushblocking HSF

Hi, i need some tips on the timing for pushblocking the HSF. I can’t seem to SJ out of it, the 3rd set seems to hit me when i try to SJ out of it.

Any help?


Pushblock earlier, pushblock the RP, or whatever hits you. Pushblock a second after the screen flashes for a super. Super out after the 2nd set.


After pushblocking, do I still hold back or do I let the joystick go to neutral?


Pushblock, let the stick go to neutral, then sj out.


question we me and friends were trying to figure out what will and won’t let you sj out so we just pushblock the beam and neutral and the second set of drones hit me/us but then we did it again and the second set didn’t hit does this make much of a difference at all?We just want to know if we are pushblocking right so we can move pass this delema


you dont actually have to go to neutral to guard cancel hsf. i think its ones of those things where someone said it, and everyone just assumed that individual knew what they were talking about.