Super Kawaii Magneto Q&A! (The Firebrand Question/Answer Thread)

Ask a Kawaii desu desu Magneto question. Get a <3 kawaii desu desu Magneto <3 answer.

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Ok seriously though, ask Firebrand questions get some answers. (I’m really surprised we don’t have a Q&A thread yet)

In case you were wondering…

[details=Spoiler] the story behind the thread title is pretty funny. I ran a few local matches against this dude who used Magneto/Sentinel/Ammy. He was basically a prick so I was like “I’mma mess with this guy and run Firebrand/Sentinel/Ammy.” Anyway, long story short I made this guy salty as fuck by snapping/killing everyone on his team except Mags. Then I danced around with Firebrand’s “tri-jump” (Tiger knee Hell Dive M) while backed by drones. When I won by using that typical Mags setup he was like “Fuck that kawaii magneto bullshit. Fucking scrubby ass Mags for people who can’t play the real goddamn character. This mockery is a friggin joke.”

Moral of the story: Kawaii desu desu! <3 Kawaii desu desu all day! <3 :slight_smile:
Sugoi! Sugoi! [/details]

How do you do the approaching downward fireball from the air? The one where you fall after shooting the fireball at an angle so your able to approach while its in the air.

You want to wall cling, then press either L, M, or H. Pressing S will result in just letting go of the wall. (wall cling is pressing back while near the wall).

Hey guys how do you time the Okami Shuffle unblockable correctly? I get it maybe like 50% of the time.
Is it when the lightning strikes, or when the hard knockdown occurs?

Figured it out: You have to walk over to the X-factor X and then charge. Works about 90% of the time.

no not that one. I know about the wall cling one. How do you do the one not on the wall… I’ve seen Zak Bennett and other pro FB use it. Actually I’ve done it before myself i just don’t know how i did it.

qcf + H??? Aside from that, i can’t think of what else you’re talking about.

are you talking about QCF.H ? that’s the only fireball that he has that automatically drops you from the air and leaves a mini flame carpet on the floor…

also guys , for some reason when I do Stalking Flare into Luminious Body and charge for the unblockable , I wouldnt be able to combo after the unblockable charge hits. it seems that lmhs doesn’t hit all the time and I’m sure I’m mashing it fast enough lol. there any specific combos that I have to do in that situation ?

Are you talking about after FB makes contact?

You need to Dive Kick -> QCB + L -> H -> Down H -> Launcher -> then do the hokey pokey and complete your bnb.

Cause that’s what its all about :slight_smile:

lol ok. I was used to doing S right after in to lmhs. is it neccesary for me to do H into Down H? can’t I do just Down H inta launch?

Sure, you can do that. H -> Down H just nets you a little more damage.
I think the only time Raw S into LMHS is 100% consistent is off of the Okami Shuffle unblockable.

thank you very much.

Untrue. you can raw s after a unblockable when rocks are blocked.

Depends if the opponent is standing or not when the unblockable hits. I tend to do the raw S on standing opponents when the unblock hits, and down+H if they are in the air after the hit.

Generally for me it’s

Offline: Raw S if standing, D+H if crouching, Raw S after Okami Shuffle unblockable
Online: D+H for basically everything except Okami Shuffle unblockable.

Sort of an odd request, but I’m wondering what Firebrand can do to help him in the Viewtiful Joe matchup. My buddy plays Firebrand on point and there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot he can do. I’m the Joe that gives him problems, but I don’t know enough about Firebrand to be able to help him much. Once I set up charged Voomerangs with Hawkeye arrows, it’s a nightmare for him to get in. He uses Firebrand/Dorm/Doom (beam), by the way.

If he lands a hit, he can’t do enough damage to kill Joe (950k). Joe falls out of the Firebrand flame > DHC Stalking flare > meteor rain corner combo (unless he just can’t get it, he hasn’t been able to do the full combo on Joe once, when it works on Ammy no prob).

Joe’s double/triple jumps let him escape from many air unblockable setups, and V.Dodge > Mach Speed escapes from wake up unblockables for free. Is this just a case of bad matchups or is there more he can be doing? I’ve told him to try Doom missiles, but I don’t feel like it would help the matchup much. Joe + Arrows dominates the ground, Missiles don’t have much of a chance to come out (unless Morrigan is protecting them >.>)

He needs to learn dorms TAC combos too, then he can do enough damage if he also use the team hyper combo for 2 meters instead of the DHC stalking flare.

Hello WarioMan!

Anyway, the key to the Joe Matchup lies in using Demon Missile M (covered by an assist) on the ground to apply pressure and cross-up Joe before he can get started on Voomerang throws. But Firebrand needs to watch his moves carefully because of Mach Speed and Desperado which are fast, hard-hitting hypers.

You see my friend, Joe is a strong but slow zoner. Contrary to popular belief… Firebrand is actually a pretty slow flyer but he’s extremely dexterous and tactical in compensation. I’m thinking that your friend plays too much of an Air game for Firebrand during the match-up which is why he’s having trouble. But then again Doom’s beam isn’t all that great of a neutral assist for Firebrand. FB needs something slow like Drones or Rocks so that he can abuse his ability to switch sides of the screen like Wolverine.

But honestly I would suggest replacing doom with either Ammy, Sentinel, Dante or Storm.
Here’s why:

Ammy - Ammy provides an amazing THC that acts as a high damage Anti-Air and can be used in the Okami Shuffle Unblockable Reset which nets about 1.2 million damage for 2 bars. Also, the Okami Shuffle THC kicks Vajra’s ass. People can’t spam Strider because one THC = One dead ninja.
Ammy is also a great anchor and is a purely anti-zoning character. The dog has strong match-ups against Hawkeye, Doom, Morrigan, Arthur, and nearly every other zoner who can’t teleport. Finally, Cold Star is godlike.

Sentinel - Sentinel Drone Assist unlocks a whole new side of Firebrand that is only available with this particular assist being used. With Sentinel, Firebrand has godlike okizeme options after an air series and escaping FB in a corner becomes a living nightmare. In addition, Hyper Sentinel Force dhc’d into Luminous Body allows firebrand a free ride to the other side of the screen (since HSF basically destroys all other projectiles). Finally, Hard Drive escapes incoming mix-ups

Dante - Dante is the strongest point character out of the group and provides Firebrand with Jam Session Unblockables.

Storm - is an underrated character that provides the most powerful THC punisher in the game. Ice Storm works similar to the Okami Shuffle unblockable. In addition Storm is also a crazy x-factor anchor. But she provides crappy assists and without x-factor she is nothing special.

Keep Doom, but replace Beam with Rocks. Seriously, the only reason it’s not used is because good Beams are hard to come by and Missiles is, well, the best assist in the game. Doom TAC combos from Firebrand, even simple M & Ms, do a ton of damage and Photon Array ends in a hard knockdown right in front of Doom, so yeah, Dark Fire DHC fun. And Rocks not only fills in the same role as Drones, but is a bit of a better lockdown assist to boot. DHCs should be enough to kill Joe. The sacrifice is no more Dorm DHC though, so that’s give and take.

As for the Joe matchup, how is he approaching you? He can’t just rush in recklessly. There are a few options I have for him. #1 Switch to missiles. Joe doesn’t have a good way to punish assist call spamming. Either they get hit by a Voom and go away, or the get THC punished, and if there isn’t a good THC behind him, there is no real threat. Missiles should totally rain on Joe’s parade if he doesn’t call out Hawkeye. #2 Counter Fireball war. The interesting thing is that while Joe can be a Vooming nightmare, Firebrand Fireballs neutralize Vooms and you can often place them at angles VJ attacks at. Using Luminous Body will help. Firebrand can stay in the air longer than Joe, so if you can get Missiles out once and pin him down, that’ll give Firebrand time to attack from the air. #3 Rocks. Yeah I said this before, but Rocks does have some defensive benefits as well. a well timed Rocks will completely nullify even a charged Voom. #4 Tag in Doom. a few things about this matchup makes it much better. Photon Array clears the screen well, as does Sphere Flame in a sense. Moreover, if Doom is on the ground, he can Molecular Shield L inbetween the first and second hits of the Voomerang Charged and it will negate it and spawn some rocks. Same applies to Dormammu really, as Dorm pillars make it hard for Joe to do charge up Vooms, even with Hawkeye, plus projectile nullification attacks.

Also, Storm has one very, very, very LARGE flaw in this game. His name is Magneto. That’s pretty much it for flaws though.

This is really the only thing I disagree with. Doom TAC combos are an option but I don’t like using TAC’s all that often. It’s really just up to the player though and if they like the risk factor. Anyway I think Drones is an overall better support tool because of the neutral and okizeme possibilities that open up after calling Sentinel.

I mean Firebrand has a nearly unblockable setup against forward rollers and back rollers after a hard knockdown in the corner when backed by drones.
Also Drones + Dive Kick on entry keeps flying characters on the ground so they can’t escape the corner.