Super mario Bros 2 the scandal!

I think this deserved its own thread.

Hilarious and good insight, mario fans will be amazed.

This guy’s a huge jackoff.

SMB2 is not that fucking difficult. And guess what, asswipe, The Lost Levels is very fucking frustrating. Who cares if they swapped Doki Doki Panic, it was still a pretty good game.

that guy was an idiot
"you suck"
'this sucks"
fuck this"
fuck suck fuck…"

God just shut up, it’s obvious he’s trying really hard to sound annoyed.

Actually this made me laugh so fucking hard. Compared to the other mario’s in world and 3 - this one’s fucking stupid, I can agree with that.

Doesn’t mean his was review was perfect though. How the fuck does he find toad useless is beyond me, just don’t use him in levels where you have to carefully jump. He pwns the fuck out of the rest, this just goes to show you that he didn’t pick toad enough or used him the wrong way. If you ask me, it has to be one or the other.

angry nintendo nerd lite?

Exactly, and I don’t even like the original all that much. “Scandal”, “cover-up”?? “After doing much research??” I thought Doki Doki Panic’s relationship to SMB2 was widely known by just about any non-complete newbie to the Mario series since about 2003.

Seriously, it was like someone saying that “after doing much research, I found out that Shen Long wasn’t an actual character in SF2” Wow, you don’t say?

And it’s hilarious he calls SMB2 “hard”.

Growing up, my friends and I all played Super Mario All-Stars. None of us ever managed to beat SMB3. Only about half beat the original SMB. I was the only one who managed to beat Lost Levels, thanks to the ability to save after every beaten level, but it took me two years. (Level 8-3= Hardcore insanity)

But EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US beat SMB2. It’s a surprisingly easy game once you realize how easy it is to get extra lives, extra hearts, and how to defeat the various Birdos.

I can’t believe that was actually featured content on Youtube. It was epically bad.

I knew about Doki Doki Panic when I was a kid, shortly after SMB2 came out.

wow I guess I didn’t know. SMB2 was the absolute hardest smb to me. I can’t even beat it to this today. I only managed to beat it as a kid with game genie. Smb 3 was the first one i ever beat then smb1.

Basically you just use Princess to rape this fucking game alone. I remember the tiers perfectly:


The only levels you should have problems with are the one’s near the last level.

WOW Luigi is low tier??? He was all I used I hated Mario and Toad, but would switch it up with Peach from time to time.

Luigi just isn’t safe.

His jumps are too modified to have any sort of impact in most levels. In most cases you’ll overshoot your landing spots if you’re reckless. Most of the time that’s the case with Luigi because so many people like to abuse it, and unless you’re really great with him you can expect to be falling down several pit falls.

This video fails more than waterworld.

Yeah, I agree with your tier list. Luigi might be the best character when you’re just starting out, but in later levels, he’s far too unstable to dodge many of the attacks coming at him.

I remember the truly difficult stages being 7-1 and 8-2, with most of the other stages in world 7 and 8 being moderate. The game definitely has a style all its own, but once you master certain elements, it’s relatively straightforward.

And to anyone who thinks it’s a bad game, I used to hate it when I first tried it out, grew to legitimately like it by the time I first beat it, and now, recognize it as a truly unique, exciting game, even if it was so different than all the other Marios.

Nintendo never tried to hide it. The so-called scandal was made public in the 80’s

SMB2 is the only Mario platformer I’ve actually played all the way through and beaten.

The video seemed to start out okay, until he said that Toad was absolutely useless.

I also knew that SMB2 was rehashed from a totally different game since it’s release in the late '80s. I read it in a crappy old Consumer Guide supplementary magazine about NES games.

I’m sorry, but Angry Nerd > this guy.

I dont mind this guy actually, and SMB 2 was garbage.

Yeah, had to bump this. It seems Irate Gamer = the new “Sega Kid”:


Only difference: He steals lines from the AVGN:


Yeah, the first time I saw Irate’s Back to the Future one, some of the lines did seem similar to the one on AVGN’s version. Now it seems he’s doing the same thing on his latest TMNT review.

The only real benefit to Luigi’s jump is in one level where you can skip a bit of the level by power jumping on top of a jumping star so you get to be high enough to jump on to a platform that needed to be reached the long way otherwise. It was like world 1-2 or something.