Super Mario Bros movie predicted the 2016 election!

Okay, I’ve been following Alex Jones and I decided to watch the Mario movie again before I noticed something. This movie PREDICTED the 2016 election with incredible metaphors that no one would notice until now. BEHOLD (optic blast!):

Okay, Mario and Luigi represent the everyman and the Baby Boomers and Millennials. They’re struggling to find work and their work is shit.

Luigi is YOU.

Millenials play videogames and Boomers don’t BAM!

Spike and Iggy are the Koch brothers. They represent a force supporting the republicans but then they turn and go against Trump.

Further proof! BAM!

Koopa is Trump.

Lena is Hilary.

Trumps mindfucks us.

Hilary cucks us.


Bernie is the king.

Trump be like Fuck dat. Be my monkey.

The movie is a metaphor for the 2016 election.

Hilary will self destruct.

Trumps gonna become a T-Rex and try to eat us.

We gotta touch dicks.

RIP Bob Hoskins

Bob Hoskins is watching all of us fuck from heaven

Can I have whatever you’re on?

But what about Yoshi?

The last part made the most sense.

And Dennis Hooper is watching all of us from a comfy hell full of nasty succubus.

Yoshi represents the Green Party. He’s Gary Johnson.


How did the SMB movie predict e elections?

Large amounts of marijuana are the only explanation i need for this thread. #StayBased

“Bob Hoskins is watching you fuck.” was a meme on another site I used to frequent. I honestly forgot this was SRK. The official podcast for the other site did a rifftrax of this film.

In the dinner scene where it’s implied Luigi and Peach would have sex in Luigi and Mario’s shared apartment, the camera cut to Bob Hoskins making the most devlish shit eating grin you will ever see. The line, “Bob Hoskins is watching you fuck” was born from someone who now is internet famous for entirely unrelated things. Anthony Burch. Yes. That one.