Super Mario Crossover: Mario, Link, Samus, Megaman, Simon, and Bill UNITE! UPDATED

So epic it hurts. I had to share this with SRK. Yes Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Megaman, Castlevania, and Contra all together. This game for being a flash game is so well put together it deserves an award.

UPDATE: Version 2.0 has been released and wow these guys really wen’t all out on how this game looks and plays. MORE CHARACTER MORE SKINS MORE AWESOMENESS

Trailer for version 2.0


mega man is broken

Wow this is well done.

I really like how the music changes depending on the character you pick. I lol’d pretty hard when Bill from Contra was doing the cutscene to the lower lever. Looked really funny seeing him running into the pipe LOL.


Wish I could reverse the controls. Otherwise, the shit is dope.

its like captain n…the video game.

I’m sorry but Simon is just shitty as fuck. The awkward double jump does NOT cut it in Mario. Plus in his basic form it takes 3 whip hits to kill a fuckin’ Goomba?

Link and Samus are just awkward as hell. Really should have made their attacks in the air Down+X. Jump and then getting the ball or down sword slash is just frustrating. Plus why in the hell didn’t they use Zelda II Link? Would have made a ton more sense.

Also cool you can pick characters Mario 2 style AND they retain their powerups. Too beastly.

Bill Rizer with Spread Gun= Bowser doesn’t stand a ghost of a chance.

you can change the config by going to set buttons on either the main menu or pressing 1 to pause the game and selecting yes to “would you like to change the controls”. game is pretty good.

if you go into set controls you can change everything to the way you want it.

pretty fun game.

Early (probably wrong) tier list:

Near GOD–Bill Rizer
Top–Megaman, Mario

I think Samus has potential to rise higher. I admit that I’m not used to her as Metroid is the only series of those represented that I don’t have experience with. Someone with better Metroid experience could probably make good use of her bomb jumps and ball mode.
I think the only thing Bill lacks is that his jump is really hard to land on narrow ledges, which Mario 1 has a lot of.
Megaman would be God if he had Metal Blade. Mario still seems like the best choice for most platforming levels, though.

As a note, the game also recommends using Joy2Key to use game controllers, so that’s another fix for those who are having issues with the controls.

I keep getting owned everytime I pick Samus. I actually do better with Simon then I do Samus.


Revised tierlist v.2:

Top: Bill Rizer
Near-Top: Mario
Mid: Megaman, Samus
Low: Link
Shit: Simon

Samus is a bit better than I thought she was originally. Ball mode really helps dodge obstacles. Her basic form kinda sucks on offense but on Fire Flower mode she is in her Justin Bailey outfit and her shot is AWESOME. She rips through Bowser even easier than Bill Rizer.

Megaman owns on the lower levels but once you get higher, dodging obstacles is a big problem. Bullet Bill and the firebars in Bowser’s castle are REALLY bad for Mega. The main problem is the every other character can duck standing (Link is small enough already), but Megaman has to slide in order to lower his profile, which is not good in certain situations.
Megaman and Samus are really quite similar in how they play in this game, except Samus has a much easier time dodging while standing or jumping thanks to ball mode. In basic form, Megaman is much better, but in Fire Flower mode Samus is much better than Megaman. The only thing he has on her is that his shots go through walls.

Link is a bit worse than I thought he was. His offense is terrible. Mushroom-mode does nothing but ensure he survives a hit. His best power-up is the sword shot…big whoop, it still sucks compared to Bill, Mega, or Samus’s shot. His jump kinda sucks too. The ONLY advantage he has over everyone else is his small size so that he walk under some obstacles. Sometimes his size is disadvantageous. His boomerang is gimmicky and not that useful.

Simon is REALLY bad. Even in Fire Flower mode his Flame Whip takes TWO hits to kill a goomba. He can’t even bust blocks with his head in Fire Flower mode. He has to rely on his Axes to break blocks above him. SO BAD.

I just got to 5-3 using only Simon. Being able to bust bricks so easily is pretty helpful, but his jump is pure crap.

Using Simon in a water stage is probably one of the worst ideas ever. I’d say jumping on enemies is a better alternative to whipping them, but his jump is atrocious. And it feels like I’m cheating when I use Bill Rizer.

MegaMan…can’t duck. Why didn’t I remember this?

Slide is down A. better than ducking.

Except when trying to go under something right by an edge. Or trying to slide under a firebar only to slide in to another firebar. Or trying to slide under Bullet Bill, ending up right next to the cannon and then standing right into a bullet.

I randomly checked the people who made the game website and they got a version 1.1 coming out soon. It will have a new character added. Ryu Hayabusa will be joining the cast. The trailer for Ryu makes him look freaking sweet check it out.

Trailer for Ryu Hayabusa


Old news bro. Played this weeks ago.