Super Mario Maker 2 Thread: No Hot Garbage Allowed! You

I’ll keep them in tags for a bit longer just in case. I do want to mention that you have to unlock these two items, though I’m pretty sure you’ll see them in other people’s levels while playing Course World.

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That’s right…I never did get to Michael Bay. Have a lot more options for that now. We’ll see. I pick it up today after work.

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Honestly didn’t want to buy nintendo’s Online service, but I’m doing it for Mario Maker 2. I didn’t get a chance to play the first one, so I’m really looking forward to this version.

Waiting for Best Buy to open…An hour and 20 minutes to go.

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Did anyone get the lunch box from target?

Ugh- I’m working today, but I do get off a few hours early! Gonna hit Best Buy on my way home and then it’s on!

I’m hoping to have a few levels posted this weekend.

Can’t fucking wait!

Not me, unfortunately. I had already preordered from Best Buy because I had reward points to apply to it. I’m almost tempted to stop by my local Target to check it out later, though.

I thought I read that Targets are limited to 10 per store on a first come first serve basis?

42 minutes

If that’s the case then I’m probably screwed.

Been playing the story mode, got through the first 20 or so levels and the new mechanics are super fun so far. 3DW style feels absolutely amazing- can’t wait to see some Kitty Kaizo levels, lol.

I’ll probably start exploring the editor this evening and start making my first level. So far so good, and I’ve barely scratched the surface of content.


Been playing for about an hour. Yeah, I can tell, I’m gonna need a stylus for handheld mode. I’m already making my first course. Thought I’d try out 3D World style for a Jumpman level. Could be because I was tired when I started making it but I think I hit maker’s block. Could also be because I’m not used to 3D World style.There’s so much you can do in it. I’ll come back to Jumpman later.

Went into Course World and I get the feeling a good chunk of players are looking for a challenge if comments are any indication. So I’ve already started working on my first Special Course, you know, the ones intended to be reaaaally tough.

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Just uploaded my first level.

It’s called Switches in the Sky

It’s a NSMB platforming level with the On/Off switch heavily at play. A couple places can be a little tough, but I think you’ll be able to get through it.

If you play it, let me know what you think!

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Poison Mushrooms are a trip in this game. These things climb walls?


I’ll be sure to check out your level after work tonight,chad.

I bought that stylus that was suggested to me and it should be arriving today. I’m getting used to the controls while playing docked but this is one of those games that was tailor made to be played with a stylus.

Man, the music in this game is sooooo goood. That Underground course maker music from SMB is still godlike.

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I was purposely letting the music play as I was doing work in between creating a stage.

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Yeah, I used the stylus in handheld mode to create half my first level, and the other half I was docked. The circular disc side of the stylus works extremely well and feels close to using the Gamepad on the Wii U. Definitely recommend picking one up in that style, whether it’s Digiroots or MEKO brands or whatever.

I agree, the music is fantastic. Especially the newly composed tracks.

I’m also loving how I can put Delfino Plaza wherever I want, when I want, lol.

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eat eat eat !!: Y35-VHG-NLG

First course!

Not in the making mood just yet, but was able to finish this as I was getting ideas while doing it. Splatoon 2 and being able to play NES games is kind of sidelining me lol. Need to get back to story mode too.

I’m going to remake the levels I made from the first SMM.

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Got the first clear! Nice level, man. Took me a minute to realize I had to stay small, lol.

Oh man, haha! I’m trying to get you to use the duck-slide jump, but staying small breaks it lol >_<

Ha! To be fair, it was pretty tough avoiding the shrooms.