*SUPER MF'ing ARCADE* - the next generation


Super Arcade
1211 N Grand Ave
Walnut, CA 91789

twitter : http://twitter.com/#!/SuperDojo

mon-thurs 10am-12am
friday 10am-1am
saturday 12pm-1am
sunday 1pm-11pm

The time has come to finally put up a new thread. The arcade known as “SUPER ARCADE” has been invaded and taken under new control. The new owner is none other than Ralph aka owner of FFA in granada hills, aka owner of Japan Arcade in Little Toyko, aka someone who knows and deeply cares about the arcade scene and its patrons. I have been fortunate enough to be designated as leader of the crusade to bring this establishment along with the so cal scene back to greatness. Brief history on the joint :

The Legend, Tomo Ohira first honed his skills is this arcade many many years ago. That being said this place is essentially the start of greatness and core of SF2 and its wonderful history. As years have gone by many players and owners have come and go but now is the time to bring back the glory days of this landmark. Now with players like Mike Ross, Clockwork, and washed a up old timers like myself, i have the utmost confidence that we can maintain this greatness and hope to bring along more legends yet to be noticed!

Super Arcade has many plans in the process and I will be keeping everyone informed and hopefully people will stay tuned to the changes and progress we are making here. I can proudly say that after 1 week I noticed much more traffic here and want to thank everyone for their support and patronage. Without the players the arcade and the games would be nothing, and without the players there would be no purpose in driving to become the hot spot in so cal! Our goal here at Super is to provide not only a Dojo for the serious gamer but a great experience and arcade environment for the players to relish in. I am personally motivated to help the scene and the community grow towards its bright future and hope you guys will hop on board for the ride.

Once again, thanks to all who have helped so far and hope to see many more new faces in up and coming months.

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Need owner, new user


Just found out about you taking over SA. I miss you Watts! I’ll be there!


hope this place will thrive, only been here once. Definitely has potential!


im super stoked to hear about this i heard over the weekend that you had taken it over and that you have a nice Super T setup you know me and my buddies have traveled 3+ hours just to go play some Super T. Hope to maybe start some ranbats at super arcade in the future if Mr. Watts gives me the A-ok!!!


Memories of 2002-2006


I’ll be at Super Arcade tonight to visit my OG brother around 8PM.

Anybody down to get exposed, come see me tonight =)


Where is located ?


Super Arcade
1211 N Grand Ave
Walnut, CA 91789

(was in the first post sir.)


that is so sick. gs old man watson. good luck!!!


Awesome, gonna have to make a trip out there soon. Haven’t been to SA in for-fucking-ever!


I’m hopeful for good things now that you’re there


Good luck to you guys! I hope I can stop by one of these days!


glad to see people having fun here :slight_smile: had some visitors for 3s today and one sexy beast aka LUKA!! gootecks with some urien action vs hungbees oro was fun. had mike ross trying to play st!!?!?!?!! lots of local regs showing their love as usual. looks like this place is on the up and up. thanks for the replies guys and hope to see you all here soon. and bluemary, we will figure out something soon to make it worth it for you ST heads to get out here.

gonna have a valle appearance tonight and hopefully clockwork will be here to play on our new mvc3 set up… come down and join the party people!


I know I still don’t live there yet, but replying just to show my hype of this place lol

Was also curious, is this arcade mainly fighters or is there lot’s of different types of games?


It’s mostly fighting games, but there were some music games and racing games there. Not sure if the new owners will keep all of those though.


Heading down there in a bit to play some ST & 3s. Let’s get some games in Watson & Valle. :rock:


Thanks Watson i know you would look out for us :slight_smile: make our drive worth it lol we can easily bring 15+ people in with super t and do you have any console setups?


ok so based on a handshake between long time friends and rivals i have an announcement to make. can you say :

Wednesday Night Fights : ARCADE EDITION ?

thats right ladies and gentlemen. valle and watson teaming up once again along with level up and super arcade to bring you the hype. wanna bring your game to that next level? wanna get in some good comp in a friendly yet competitive environment? well Super Arcade is slowly becoming the place to be for all your fighting game needs. we promised you the world, well, WE ARE THE WORLD! official date isnt set in stone yet cause there is a ton of preparation needed to make this happen but we will get it handled and big ups to alejandro valle for coming down and making this possible.

btw, tonight is poppin playas so come get your SF fix in.


ok tkns!! :wink: