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Hi, i’m the guy from Italy that came last year. I was wondering if there will be WNF tonight and if anyone would be kind enough to give me a ride back towards santa monica if they happen to be going that way once it’s over. I would really appreciate it. Let me know :slight_smile:


Console Casuals tonight at Super Arcade 8PM to 3AM
$5.00 to play all night
please provide your own controllers

we will have stations up with the following games/consoles

360: UMvC3, AE2012, SFxT


Holy shit, are we talking about the same old-school “BOOM SHAKALAKA!” NBA Jam???

If so, that’s fucking awesome.


Final Round XVI Mvc2 Exhibition Match Card Lineup. If I forget someone or you want to be added to the card let me know asap. All of these matches are confirmed + there will be a surprise exhibition match set you will not want to miss. I wont speak on it, you will just have to show up and see what happens. More matches will be added so Lets get it crackkin!
Final Round XVI Exhibition Match Card Lineup

(Main Events)
VDO Vs Rappleross

VDO Vs Rick Payton
NickGuy Vs Vegita-X
VDO Vs Skitz

(Surprise Exhibition Match)
TBA! See you at Final Round XVI

Facebook Event: http://www.facebook.com/events/481231181910542
Thread: [Mar 29, 2013] TYS Mvc2 Final Round XVI 2013 (Atlanta, GA)


the grind to SCR continues tonight! 1/11/12

console casuals 8pm till 3am $5.00 to play all night BYOC

we will have the usual stations running

xbox360: ae2012, umvc3, sfxt

ps3: ttt2, p4a, sc5, kof13

we will be running a stream with matches going on all night twitch.tv/iebattlegrounds

also team LXG will bring a 360 station with GG


Casuals this week will be moves to Thursday night as a last minute training session before SCR begins on Friday. we will need the community help with station since levelup will be taking all the setups we have for SCR after WNF ends tonight.

if you can help with a setup we will wave the venue fee.

i can provide 4 setups all Xbox. if you can help out post up or hit me up on twitter @IEBattleGrounds


console casuals 8pm till 3am $5.00 to play all night BYOC

we will have the usual stations running

xbox360: ae2012, umvc3, sfxt

ps3: ttt2, p4a, sc5, kof13


Super is nice.


Rumor is that all the machines are getting moved to Japan Arcade. Confirm/deny?


^ Same question, anyone know what’s going on with Super Arcade right now?


o_O … :sad:


super arcade is on life support and i have many things to consider atm. its not dead yet and we are running WNF and TRB tonight and tomorrow so hang tight. most of the cabs have been removed but there is a lot of crap still up in the air. please dont spread rumors until things are finalized, would greatly appreciate it. i am working extremely hard to salvage a very bad situation and will have updates for all you guys soon. dont jump the gun, and please support us tonight and tomorrow if you play those games competitively.


UMvC3 Stream & Commentary Thread v2

Best of luck to you watts in trying to make this all work.


Also more than anything let us know if there’s anything we can do to help! Super is like a second home I’m sure to all of us, so u for one def have my support!


Are you guys open on Sunday Watson?


at this very moment i have liternally nothing in there. i have the astro h2h ST set up with shitty sticks, i have the showcase ST with wico 360’s, i have the showcase HF, and i have SF pinball…

i am running WNF and TRB to keep up with the bills and also working out deals with people to get cabs back in here. i hope it doesnt take too long and i hope you guys keep showing up to support. as far as sunday is concerned i probably wont be open this sunday unless i can get things done faster than expected…

really tramatizing day but i wont let super die. i might die first but we shall see how that turns out. thanks for the kind words guys and stay posted!


How can we help you out if we’re not local but willing to donate?


Any chance you’re open on Saturday? I’m thinking we can have another ST meetup at your place, and we’ll pay venue fee to keep the place running as long as possible. It’s not much, but if the Arcade is really closing, I’m sure the ST community will help pitch in to keep the place running.


Good to hear you’re fighting the good fight, Mike.

Please let us know if there’s anything we can do to help.


Wasnt there someone who let you borrow those T6 HD Cabinets when you had the Tag2 location tests? Is there any way that person can let you borrow that cab again?