*SUPER MF'ing ARCADE* - the next generation


I just went to Super last weekend for the first time and had a really great time. I hope everything will work out for you Mike. You’ve done more for this community than I will possibly ever be able to.


FUCK! I’m not that well known among the Super Arcade regulars (MuffinMan, VOLTECH, Eltrouble would recognize me…AfroLegends and Shotosallday might remember me…), but I’ve been there a few times for the ST tourney held during WNF and I had a blast! I’ve been trying my best to get back down there, but I’m being strangled by school and work.

Here is hoping for the best, Mr. Watson.That place is awesome!


You know I’d do whatever I can do help Mike. Don’t hesitate to hit me (or anyone, for that matter) up. I can’t see one of the best things to happen to the SoCal FGC go down without a fight.

See you tonight bro!


i really didnt want it to come to this but i need help badly and fast. i just opened this page after not being able to sleep since last nights tourney.


that machine belonged to a super arcade reg that sold it right after the location test unfortunately :frowning:

want to give big thanks to everyone who is helping and thanks again for all the kind words and support. im trying to pull this one out my ass and its gonna be rough but i think ill make it. im just pressed for time and the sooner i get cabs in here the sooner the bleeding stops since the rent doesnt… we are running our thursday night tourneys tonight to so if youre local come check it out. UMvC3 KOF13 and P4 singles tourneys start at 9pm and we are open for casuals at 7pm.


Thanks Watson, I will spread the word however I can.


Good to hear there is a way for non-locals to contribute. I’ll totally tell people as well!


Would it be possible to donate via paypal?
I have the cash, just no bank account or credit card.

I tend to do use paypal for a lot o things. I would help to support Super Arcade. I’ve been there a few times. Most likely more if I had a car. Will plan on going more often once I get a car in a few months. For now, I’ll help anyway I can to have it there so later on I can get to it.


Hey Watts! Came on here to find out what exactly is going on with Super…didn’t expect this. It was closed for most of the day, for a couple days, and the cabs are gone! Would you be able to guess as to how likely/unlikely you’ll have this place at this point? I would hate to see this place go, shit, there’s always time for play time!!


come down and support the arcade tonight!

console casuals from 6pm to 3am

please provide your own controllers

station we will have available tonight are

Xbox 360: SSF4AE2012, UMvC3, SFxT2013

Playstation 3: TTT2, KoFXIII, SC5, P4A

Team LXG may bring a setup for GG on Xbox360.

i will bring a station for SF3OE and one for MvC2

i may run a stream tonight so check twitter for updates if we do run it it will be @ twitch.tv/iebattlegrounds

help support Super Arcade https://www.wepay.com/donations/save-super-arcade


Anyone near Santa Monica willing to carpool? I will gladly chip in for gas (New in town, no car and seems like public transportation is a quest im not ready to face yet)


small update for you guys. thanks to the music playing community i have beatmania iidx here and ddr. these will be up and running soon. still working out deals to get cabs and hopefully we will be fully operational by the 2/15. please hang in there and please come back to support once we finish!

for now our business hours to accommodate stuff will be
Weds 7pm-3am (wednesday night fights day)
Thurs 7pm-3am (thursday runbacks!)
Friday 6pm-3am (friday night casuals)

these hours are very temporary but we have to do everything we can to survive for now. thanks again for being great supporters of our arcade and hope to see you all soon!


Sorry for not showing up for wnf lately Watson. Life has been kinda hectic for me lately. I donated for Super and I’m trying to spread the word to my family and friends. I wish you guys the best and I know Super is going to survive this.


tyvm kane, very appreciated and hunbled by this experience.

small update : we have drum/guitar game latest version, in the groove 2 official cab, pop n music 20 (going on 21 soon), and beatmania is back with a super sick looking HD monitor.

working hard to get things going asap guys, still looking for more japanese cabs so if you, your friends, or anyone you know is selling at a fair price please pass the word that these are what we need! thanks again and hope to see you all soon.


Let’s have another ST meet-up at Super Arcade this Friday! I’ll be there at 6pm along with Millertime and Muffin Man, and I’ll be bringing Don’s ST supergun setup with Madcatz sticks available for use.

There’s a $5 venue fee, and both the superguns and Astro H2H cabs will be set to freeplay. If we can get enough people together, maybe we can even have a tournament or team battle.

Hope to see you guys there!


Good luck, Super Arcade, my second home. Also, I am the one that looks like Tutankhamun/Amen Ra.


Hey Watson,

It was good to see you again. We’ll definitely be stopping by soon to visit with cash in hand to pump into the arcade.


Armando, it was nice meeting you dude.




so far we have just managed to get the music games up and going aside from drum mania with quarters mechs and locks working etc. we also got 3s on jap h2h up and running now. should have much more coming this week including nba max hangtime and nfl blitz both on 4 players cabs. stay tuned, this place is gonna be badass.


He’s basically saying, maybe you guys should start playing ddr and beatmania and get your timing down. Then maybe you’ll stop dropping your combos.


Super Arcade events this week 2/13 to 2/16

2/13 - Wednesday Night Fights Feat: SFxT2013, Tekken Tag 2, SSF4AE2012

2/14 - The Runback Feat: Mahvel!, KoFXIII, Persona 4

2/15 - SuperDojo Fridats: Console Casuals / SSF2T SuperGun Casuals
we will have stations setup with the following games
Xbox 360: UMvC3, AE2012, SFxT2013
Casuals Begin at 8PM till 3AM $5.00 to play all night. please provide your own controllers

2/16 - Versus Mayhem Vol.4
UMvC3 & SSF4AE team 3v3 tournaments
the two tournament begin at different times so please make sure to check the tournament info found here: [[SAT MARCH 16th] UMvC3 and SF4 3v3 Team Tournament at SUPER ARCADE! (and Persona4 3v3 Teams added)