*SUPER MF'ing ARCADE* - the next generation


Is there any mvc2 going on in here ? Maybe some casuals or MM


Super Arcade has a MVC2 H2H setup. They’re being played on Japanese cabs, but I can’t remember if the sticks are Japanese or bat tops.


Last time i was there, i didnt see the h2h


I’ve been there every week for the past few months. They’ve always had a H2H MVC2 setup for months. There may have been a gap during the arcade renovation when it was missing, but generally, it’s always there.




console casuals tonight 8pm to 3am. we will have final round stream on the big TV for people to watch wile they grind out on various games.

on xbox we will have umvc3, ssf4, sfxt
on ps3 ttt2, p4a, kof

please provide your own controllers.


ggs today on mvc2. Thanks for keeping this place clean. I had some fun today and realized where my video game skill level is currently. I told myself when i left that I should consistently play or my skill level/timing/ reaction time will drop.


I will be around during WNF tomorrow if anyone is interested in these offers.

Hit me up beforehand.


Super Arcade console casuals tonight 8pm to 3am - 5 bucks to play all night BYOC.
xbox - umvc3, ssf4, sfxt
ps3 - ttt2, sc5, injustice demo, kof,

we will do random team 2v2 tournament tonight for marvel. tournament should start at about 9:30pm

we will be streaming also at twitch.tv/iebattlegrounds


Man, I used to go to this place 3 times a week and be there for hours. Man, I need my license back so I can drive there again.


Is anyone going here tonight for some MVC2 would like to play some new faces .

Taiji ? Calvin? Or anyone else


I’m down for some weekend marvel at super. Doesn’t get as new a face as this, don’t think we’ve played.


Man ill try but I was trying to go today I play on Fridays at regency and my Saturdays and Sundays are booked but ill try a weekend sometime let me know .


I’m free tonight, we can get some games in if you’re still willing to come by, just post time.


it was fun over at friday night dojo last night. i didn’t like how when someone called next to play none of the people playing left the console, they just kept playing. other than that, ill be back next week to hopefully play more games


Djfaka !!!


im sorry this happened to you. its partially cause we didnt put out all our set ups and partially cause the person you asked was probably just a dick. regardless, loser should get up after 2/3 or 3/5 set. let me know if this happens again and ill gladly help you.


Hey couldn’t this weekend a lot of work ill tell u what this coming week let me know the day and ill be there I can do this Thursday Friday or even this Saturday just let me know and it’s set . See if u can bring some other people aswell let me know ill be checking the forum .


Injustice tournament this coming wednesday!

Any word as to the rules regarding stages unblockable items and or other details?


Hey guys I just found I’m going to LA tomorrow for 3 days. You guys having an ST tourney on Wednesday like you always do?