*SUPER MF'ing ARCADE* - the next generation


I can’t make it on Wednesdays anymore, but there are usually a few guys there playing ST casuals. Friday’s the best night for ST.


Oh yeah you guys do Friday now. Well… fuck.


Coming to this place is a mission, sucks that family fun arcade shutdown… I’m all the way in San Fernando… I’ll come here on big/special events with 50 bucks to support each time. Hehe


Assuming no conflicts, I’ll see you guys on Friday. LET’S GO


Wow. So people still play mvc2? I haven’t played for a long time. I’ll stop by Friday afternoon and check this place out again.


What time will u be there ? I might go if u hit me back up don’t wana make the drive and nobody there lol


chaos has been coming down a little bit here and there. you guys should organize a bit better cause mvc2 will never die! horrible dudley, thomas, and a couple other regs come during our busy weds/thurs so maybe you can all show up!


Cool can u let me know when a few players go ill be checking the forum for sure not tryna go if nobody there it’s a far drive but ill go if people show up .


Here with a bud if anyone wants good ae comp.


Headed out with some friends again for ae. Eta 9:30




Can pad players play casuals on a PS3. No Mahvel for PS3.


3rd strike tourney friday & ST EVO quals sunday?
Hell yeah :slight_smile:


Hey guys. Just wanted to let you know that there will be a pre-tournament tournament happening tonight at Super Arcade this Friday at 9:00pm. Stream will be provided by Sergjiev of Arkadeum:

Challonge bracket will be made available online for viewing:


I haven’t decided on tourney format, but it will most likely be a ratio tournament. So if you’re planning on attending, please have your ratio pool in mind when you sign up with me at Super Tonight. Hope to see you guys there!

And, of course, there will also be two ST qualifiers happening this Sunday@2pm and 6pm. Hit the link for more deets:


Super Arcade 3rd Strike Rusty Parry 1.5 05/17/2013
Tournament results
Brackets - http://iebattlegrounds.challonge.com/Rusty_Parry_1_5
Stream recording - http://www.twitch.tv/iebattlegrounds/b/404895644

  1. Mike Watson
  2. Red Venom
  3. Eric Chin
  4. Matt Chin
  5. Joe Dubbs
  6. Comb Yo Beard
  7. WickedElement
  8. Merl
  9. Aris
  10. Pherai
  11. Double Reppuken
  12. NFG.Faka
  13. LWK
  14. Lenin
  15. Vince
  16. Steve
  17. Amed
  18. Cerritos Shady
  19. Mr Music
  20. E Money
  21. Meeself
  22. Huber

So Cal Super Turbo - Super Arcade 05/17/2013
Ratio Tournament results
Brackets - http://challonge.com/superturbo
Stream recording - http://www.twitch.tv/arkadeum/b/404899830

  1. Afro Legends
  2. Watson
  4. Red Venom
  5. Blues
  6. Kuroppi
  7. Runaway Weenie
  8. Millertime
  9. Cossack
  10. sergjiev
  11. eltrouble
  12. WickedElement
  13. Red Money Brown
  14. Killer Kai
  15. LWK
  16. NFG.FAKA
  17. SlyRy
  18. Stevebafett
  19. Wild Fire


ST Games Socal Qualifiers will be starting soon! First tournament will be a ratio tournament, second one will be a character lock tournament. As a bonus, we’ll be having two stream stations that you guys can follow the action on.

Station 1 Tourney Stream: http://twitch.tv/iebattlegrounds

Station 2 Tourney Stream: http://twitch.tv/blastcity

We’ve got 18 entrants and plenty of high-level players coming out. Get hype!


There was a 3s tournament?


There’s 1 every month. The Rusty Parry series.


I wonder how down the 3S crowd would be to run a team ratio tournament.


That’s a great idea! It’s actually a pretty fun format. It might be difficult trying to convince players that it’s a really unique and fun rule set to use, but once they actually try it, they should love it.