*SUPER MF'ing ARCADE* - the next generation


UPCOMING 3v3 Team Tournament here at Super Arcade on July 6th will include Prizes and Pot Bonuses

more info on the SRK thread here: Versus Mayhem Vol.7 SEASON FINAL KoFXIII, UMvC3, SSF4AE2012 @ Super Arcade July 6th


Class teacher didn’t show up for school. Stopped by Duper for shitz n gigs. Stop by if you wanna get bodied at 3s. Love, your favorite Samoan. Mooks


Friday Night Console Casuals at Super Arcade TONIGHT!
from 8pm to 3am we will have stations up and running with the following games

ultimate marvel vs capcom 3
super street fighter 4 ae2012
street fighter x tekken 2013

tekken tag tournament 2

also the guilty gear players are coming back tonight
we will try to run a side tournament for GGAC tonight and have a live stream for it also.

casuals is $5.00 for all night play. wristband system in effect.
we do have some sticks and controllers to lend out but please try to provide your own controller or fight stick.


Bumblebee James! !!!


hey you know that really loud annoying video game that those guys hit the keys and the turntable as well as the dancing games and stuff? there is a community that follows those games just like fighting games and super arcade is having a lock-in specifically catering to that crowd.

if you play those games every so often or want to learn more and get skills that kill go to the lock-in.

July 20th 1:00 - 11:00 AM


I clicked the link, bur for some reason, it just goes to my existing events list page, and not to an actual event itself.


i told wicked next 3S event should be a single game single elim tourney followed by a touzaisen


go ahead and try again. there was a “friends of guests can only see” problem.


I’ve been really busy as of late and not many people have responded to Mando’s suggestion of 3s team tourney. So depending on the day, I may or may not be able to help run this month’s 3s tourney. But, either way, let temjinalpha know what you guys want whether it is 3v3 team tourney or single elimination tourney.




Super gonna get it’s own arcade cabinet?
because to hell with this xboxone console!


Where the fuck did they say this thing is gonna get an arcade release?


Console inside a cabinet is what I had in mind.


was gonna stop by today around 1pm or so to play 3s. holluh probably be there till 4pm


Hey guys. Just got word that Bernie from Vegas and a friend of his will be in town this weekend and are looking to get in some ST Games. Since there’s a 3s tournament happening Friday night (today), I’m going to show up tonight to the arcade to also run ST.

I’m sorry for the short notice, but can anyone else make it tonight?


I’ll be there running the 3s brackets alongside Mando.


does anyone still play mvc2 here?


Now that EVO is over and CVS2 just came to ps3…

Any chance anyone want to start bringing it back to life by possibly starting with some stations with casuals leading to tournaments every now and then?


Laggy port, why not just use the arcade cab?


No reason why you can’t bring it back to life with the cabs. That’s largely what started regular ST sessions at Super Arcade back when Watson first took over. A bunch of us just said, “Oh hey, cool, ST in a cab.” and just kept on coming back to play it.


Im a pad player … blah