*SUPER MF'ing ARCADE* - the next generation


Bring a PS2 and play that version?

I’m hella down to play CVS2 on cab or anything that doesn’t suffer from massive input lag.


I’ve got a buddy of mine who’s probably willing to bring down a Dreamcast setup with Agetec sticks. There would need to be a demand for it though. So far, a lot of people seem content to just play casuals on the cab.


I can bring my setup fat tv and all but remember you need a ps2 stick etc.
Next Monday I will do so like or reply to this post if your down for Monday Nights CVS2 give Wats 5 bucks or however much casuals is.


Closed on Monday


ok Tuesday Nights will be Old school Tuesdays I got SFA anthology,CVS2,TTT,World Heros Anthology and cvs2… You down Wats?
Ps I won’t be able to hit up WNF for a while days off changed


Casuals @ Super Arcade tonight Feat The Latest Build of Killer Instinct!

Double Helix Games will be stopping by and bringing along some KI setups for you guys to play on
we will also have the regular setups

ultimate marvel vs capcom 3
super street fighter 4 ae2012
street fighter x tekken 2013
guilty gear

tekken tag tournament 2
guilty gear

casuals is $5.00 for all night play this includes Killer Instinct. wristband system in effect.
we do have some sticks and controllers to lend out but please try to provide your own controller or fight stick.
Super Arcade is located at

1211 N. Grand Ave
Walnut, California 91789

a live stream will be provided at twitch.tv/iebattlegrounds


Ok just got the go from wats ill be bringing cvs2,ttt and alpha anthology on ps2 at 7 this Tuesday … I’m down for any money matches on cvs2 … if anyone has a ps2 stick bring it


Hey we’re at Super with a CvS2 setup as Airic posted above. Does anyone have PS2 sticks? ^^; Anyone interested in swinging by for some matches?


Console Casuals Tonight at Super Arcade

from 7pm to 3am we will have stations up and running with the following games

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3
Super Street Fighter 4 AE2012
Street Fighter x Tekken 2013

Tekken Tag Tournament 2
Guilty Gear AC +R

casuals is $5.00 for all night play.
wristband system in effect.
we do have some sticks and controllers to lend out but please try to provide your own controller or fight stick.

Super Arcade is located at
1211 N. Grand Ave
Walnut, California 91789


Hi guys

I’m a brazilian dropping in Irvine,CA and I would like to play with you.

Also, do you know where I can find a arcade stick qanba Q4 to buy here? I’m nearby John Wayne Airport

Thanks in advance


Thinking about to go there on next Wednesday (8/28), is this the best day in the week to play SSF4?

Please, what hour should I arrive?


Yup. WNF on Wednesday nights is one of the businest nights of the week for SSF4. Big tourney with a lot of talent. The tourney starts around 9pm, but casuals start from 6pm. It all ends around closing at 3am.


Hey guys! We are two French players in L.A.willing to go to WNF tonight.
Unfortunately, we had a car problem today and can’t drive to super arcade :frowning:
If any of you guys can help us get there , or know somebody who can help us, that’d be great!! We’re are staying at venice beach.

Thanks a lot!!!


watson, i’m the guy who donated the sticks for cvs2. the 2nd player side still feels loose for some reason. when would be a good time for me to stop by and try to fix this? i have replacement parts to get this thing working again. feels like its missing an accuator.


Oh, look, The AI Elitist switched over to Super. I thought you guys thought that Super sucked. Hypocrites.

Oh, by the way, Super has always been great. I’ve been going to that place ever since 2009. I’m pretty sure I have seen most of you people.

I also have gone to AI since before 2009, so don’t think I am some random shit talker.


Yeah, it’s not like Super has a new owner now and is a lot better than it use to be. Oh waiiiit…


watts get back dat A3!!! get on ggpo hahahah

ggs to everyone i played lately in everything, it’s been a long ass time! im always down for the old school games!!!

some recent a3 vids!! http://youtu.be/GDMMCVWMbik


I do miss that A2/A3 machine when it was in one cab. Too bad nobody really plays it, and the scene for it is non-existent.


hey eltrouble, those st tourneys still popping?

this karin is tooo godlike!!


For the time being, I can’t make it to Super Arcade on Wednesdays. I’m more than happy to run ST tournaments whenever you guys want though. You guys just need to let me know which day you want to make it happen. Sadly, we haven’t had a lot of players show up on Wednesdays anymore. Real life gets in the way of Street Fighter.

I prefer to come on a weekend night.