*SUPER MF'ing ARCADE* - the next generation


Sanchez’s Bison sucks. It doesn’t produce enough damage per period of time. Most Bison players are like that, too.


Marvel vs Capcom 2 tournament next Friday at Super according to Mando


yo i ain’t post in here in a minute

here are the none WNF & TRB events i have scheduled for Super Arcade this month.

October 18th Marvel vs Capcom 2 tournament on Dreamcast
event thread here: Marvel vs Capcom 2 Tournament Oct 18th @ Super Arcade [SoCal]

October 19th Versus Mayhem Vol.9 Teams Tournament Feat: SkullGirls, SSF4AE2012 & UMvC3
event thread here: Versus Mayhem Vol.9 Feat: SkullGirls, SSF4AE2012 & UMvC3 October 19th @ Super Arcade [SoCal]

October 25th Rusty Parry Season 2 Begins - Street Fighter 3 Third Strike (Arcade Cab)
event thread here: Rusty Parry Season 2 Opener October 25th SF3 Third Strike Tournament @ Super Arcade

October is going to be bananas, the MvC2 tourney is going to be CRACK!
im working on some evtra stuff for the MvC2 tourney that ill update later if everything pans out.

come out and get your games in!






Have A Nice Day!


lots of things going on here this month guys so come check us out. follow us on twitter for more up to date info @SuperDojo. hope all is well and come down this friday for MVC2 people!


im looking for a dc or ps2 stick {Hori or similar} in good condition so i can continue playing forever.


Can’t wait for the loc test.


this friday through sunday we are doing the ULTRA STREET FIGHTER 4 LOCATION TEST. we will be enforcing our wristband policy for this game and will have more info regarding the hours of operation real soon. come down and check it out!


Ohh! I need to go down there to try Ultra out. I wonder how they changed Bison.


just a quick heads up regarding the venue and ultra SF4 location test here this weekend. there will be a $10 wristband charge if you wish play test this game. the wristband is good from 10am-10pm on day of purchase or you can choose the “VIP” wristband which is good for all 3 days. there is a strict no filming policy that is enforced by my staff (no pun intended) and anyone caught filming will be instantly barred from the venue without warning. thank you for reading and see you all here.


Damn, I missed out on Ultra.


what has happened to ST guys? u guys are very lucky to play offline n waste such gift, idk, maybe make a monthly tournament instead of weekly? its also great when u know guys from other places like spliff from florida takes the time to visit, come on foos!


I’ll get back on it. Just been busy with real life stuff for the past semester or so. I’ll make regular appearances and tourneys again in December - January.


Flying in to visit LA for the weekend, I play SFIV but won’t make it in the city until tomorrow. Looking to play casuals for whenever they hold The Runback.


They have a H2H cab for SF4, and if the consoles open up and people really want to, you might be able to sneak SF4 play on the consoles. Cab seems more reliable though.

The Runback starts around 9pm, but people start piling in much earlier than that. There’s usually always someone there playing SF4.


Anybody in the 714 westminster/stanton area willing to carpool for WNF’s?


Are there casuals today?


So what’s this I’m hearing about Super maybe closing down???


Take a read over at Watson’s blog:


hi guys :slight_smile: i have a lot of new plans and a lot of hope for a bright future. but its not up to me to succeed and ill explain more soon. stay tuned!