*SUPER MF'ing ARCADE* - the next generation


Great to hear Mike, while I’m at it is WNF/Runback happening this week?


Yea is WNF happening on New Years Day? Cuz im back from New York and I wanna start the year strong before I go back for School on the East Coast.


Heading back to LA again to visit, might show up either Friday or Saturday night. Heard the cabinet was fixed this time around, please play some SFIV with me if you can.

Edit - Will be visiting Chinese New Years weekend on Jan 31st. A date might help lol.


Geriatric Warfare Vol. 1

The old people are back! and they are about to show you new kids how its done.

February 1st 2014 we are gathering 4 of the communities together to bring you this throwback tournament

Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo
Street Fighter Alpha 2
Capcom vs SNK 2
Marvel vs Capcom 2

Where you ask?
Super Arcade Located at:
1211 N. Grand Ave
Walnut CA,

Entry Fee:
$5.00 Per Game and a $5.00 Venue Fee

Please note that SFA2 & SSF2T will be held on the UNDAMED CpS-2 system
and they are BYOC! the system is compatible with all your Xbox 360 & PS3 USB controllers.

CvS2 will be on PlayStation 2 hardware

MvC2 will be on Dreamcast

So make sure you bring your appropriate fightsticks or controllers please.

Start times:
SSF2X - 5:00 PM
SFA2 - 6:00 PM
CvS2 - 7:00 PM
MvC2 - 8:00 PM

Online brackets will be available the day of tournament at iebattlegrounds.challonge.com

Please remember to Bring Your Own Controllers!

make sure to follow us on twitter for more info

Live stream will be available at: twitch.tv/iebattlegrounds


When does the donation start? Don’t want the place to close down before I get a chance to go!


I had a good time playing tonight. There was alot of deep in the mind, exciting, fun video game battles. Yall should do it once a week if possible.


so phase 1 of our kickstarter has started. just launched the website http://superarcade2014.com/ and we are selling doing our first run of pre-orders for tshirts.


so if you like what you see go check out the site and i will be updating more as we go along


Sweet. Just preordered both.


L.A. Injustice player here. Is this the only arcade in So. Cal for IJ comp? It’s 40 miles from me and I don’t have a car lol. I’d like to visit soon for the first time :slight_smile:


well, on thursdays we have the top socal comp here including the SCR champ theo. on fridays we have at least 4 top IJ players so its probably worth it to show up on either of those days if youre looking for top notch play. lots of people come from much further than 40 miles if it makes you feel better :slight_smile:


I know forums are never that active, but figured I’d check if anyone goes to WNF from the Huntington Beach area. I’m gonna be in the area on a trip this week and have nothing going on Wednesday, but don’t have any way to get to Super Arcade.


you might want to try twitter. just include #WNF and @SuperDojo in your post and people should see it. might get lucky :slight_smile:


Wassup Mike and everyone else.
Are there usually a good amount of AE/marvel3 players(or will there be?) on Saturdays or during the Geriatric Warfare?


There’s good AE players all throughout the week, including during Geriatric. I think the hardcore UMVC3 heads are there on Thursdays during TRB or on Friday console casuals. I’m not sure if they show up on Saturdays on the regular.


Awesome! I’m more likely to have Friday night off from work than Wednesday now, actually, so that’s good to know. Thanks for the info :slight_smile: I was worried that WNF would be the only day to play.


Super Arcade Kickstarter Project has gone live!


The problems with the Super Arcade Kickstarter

Nearly two months overdue, the “Super Arcade Project 2014” Kickstarter has finally been launched. The video features Michael “Watts” Watson speaking candidly, confidently, and pleadingly to the camera. In his words, Super Arcade has been a Mecca for the Southern California fighting game community, and it’s in dire financial straits. But if we can just pitch in enough to save it, the renovated Super will act as a beacon far into the future, helping kids that deal with autism and speech impediments make friends.

What makes writing this piece so difficult is that you want to believe him. You want to throw $80 or whatever into the Kickstarter, buy a t-shirt, and get your name on a sweet plaque that arcade-goers of all ages will gaze upon for the next few decades. But keeping a Southern California arcade open isn’t a new dream. Watts mentions in the video that he’s witnessed arcades close in the past, and isn’t looking forward to the same thing happening to Super.

Super Arcade’s problem isn’t its lack of green-screen commentary stations, sweet overhead lighting rigs, or additional versions of Street Fighter II. The promise to remodel the bathrooms is a welcome one, but the disgusting mire that sits in the corner of the arcade is hardly the biggest quandary that Watts and staff face. I’m sure it sucks to watch your urine-holding customers walk over to Jack in the Box so they don’t catch toilet seat chlamydia, but $44,000 only goes so far and a bathroom remodel shouldn’t even be on the priority list.

The actual problem is that Super isn’t taking in enough money. Cosmetic changes are only going to burn through the donations even faster, and the necessary changes still aren’t going to be made. The reason that we lost FFA, Denjin, Japan Arcade, AI, and all the other arcades that have sadly fallen by the wayside is that it’s not a profitable business model. There, I said it. I grew up in arcades, you probably grew up in arcades, you don’t want to hear this. I don’t want to write it.

The arcades that are succeeding in 2014 are places like Round 1, Dave & Buster’s, Gameworks, and Mini-Golf locations. Even CTF attempted survival by turning into one of these gaudy monstrosities. It’s a blast to pay a quarter at Super to play ST (well, it was before the cab broke), but twenty-five cents at a time isn’t enough to keep the arcades alive. Our parents threw down $.50 per play of Dragon’s Lair 31 years ago, and if you’re a gamer you’re probably smart enough to have at least a general concept of inflation. Prices at other places are sky-high, but they’re hidden behind a card system or, if reasonable, are bolstered by alternate attractions. The gritty hardcore fighting game player isn’t going to pay the $2 per game Super would need to jack its current prices up to, so unless they open a bowling alley or something simultaneously, Super is SOL on the money front.

Indeed, on the subject of the gritty hardcore fighting game players, they’re not the ones with the deep pockets to keep the electricity on. The running joke about being lucky players being sponsored by JOB is funny because it rings so true. Super needs to welcome the casual newbies to join the fighting game community, and people have a long memory when it comes to being told that “Losing is for FA****GGOTS!”

Construction on “Floor, Lighting, Walls, and Bathroom”, including a re-tiling(!), is going to be more than a few bucks. The list of games that will be added following the successfully funded Kickstarter is…ambitious, to say the least. This is tens of thousands of dollars, and I’m sure the reception to Spada and DDR2013 was encouraging as far as purchasing new games goes, but novelty wears off and games take time to produce revenue. Time that Super doesn’t have, if the doomsday predictions of Watts are to be believed.

Watson, you did a fantastic job making Super Arcade the place to go for fighting game players. Every WNF or TRB or weekend tournament I’ve personally participated in has been off-the-charts fun, and it breaks my heart to see one of the greatest fighting game arcades in history close its doors. But throwing $44,000 from the community down the toilet after it isn’t going to make us feel better about its closing. Go home and be a family man. You’ve earned it.


oh karathrowaway, at least post under your real account instead of making a new one to try and derail my efforts here… you mention specifics about the arcade so im assuming you come to our venue. why dont you come talk to me in person and ask me things instead of making assumptions? i know you spent a lot of time writing this and dont play it off as if you really care please. you are taking a few jabs at me and hey, thats your prerogative, but lets be a little more realistic. if you really feel like talking you know where to find me, and i would be more than glad to talk to you in person.



hmmm… ive been here at work waiting for someone to show up and be rude and immature and act like they know it all, but that hasnt happened. 1211 n grand ave, walnut CA 91789 buddy. im here all day all night so if you feel like mouthing off and just have a few questions to ask me, we can talk about this anytime… or we can continue to hide under a troll account and just pretend we are an internet badass while living in mommys basement. k thx.


Mike you’re the best!