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Watson theres a guy named Old Mastah from canada that wants to challenge you at SF2 HF, he said hes willing to come down there for some games if your down? Hes really good but im sure you will win :slight_smile: besides your ryu maybe bring out your guile man. Maybe throw a tourney for HF would be nice also Here is old mastahs email toryntornado@hotmail.com


thanks battosai. i was thinking about trying to rehash the idea of having a HF world tourney of some sort after we remodel. this time for real! haha, maybe we can work on making it happen and get a real date set soon.


That would be great, have Jeff, gearld or Tomo commentate during the tourney would be cool also unless they will enter the tourney even better it would be like a Worlds Finest Comics reunion … I would have HF on American cab with 8 way sticks imo Mike, if u do follow through with this and old mastah shows up and try and email him if u can toryntornado@hotmail.com . let’s make this happen


The Super Arcade ToL2 Qualifier has been announced!

We’ll be having TWO qualifier tournaments on the same day, Saturday, May 10th. It will be played on UD-CPS2s courtesy of Brian Grissom, which means it will compatible with any pad or arcade stick that uses USB cables.

Hit the link for additional details.


Are the Super Arcade shirts available for pickup this week at the arcade?


yes, all shirts are ready for pick up and if not picked up this week i will be shipping them out next monday-wednesday. thanks!


Any noobs going to WNF today?


Is there a FB group for the area? I’m going to be visiting from Alabama in a few weeks and I figure it would be easier to make plans via FB. I will try to go to TRB but I want to know of anything going on during the weekend I’ll be there too.


our normal schedule is as follows

Weds - WNF (sf4, ttt2, injustice)
Thurs - TRB (mvc3, ki, psabr, gg, bb)
Fri - Console casuals
Sat - bi weekly anime games / various events
Sun - SSS smash bros rotating melee and project m bi weekly


A reminder that the ToL2 ST Qualifier at Super Arcade is happening this Saturday, at May 10th. Hit the link for additional details:

Stream will be provided by twitch.tv/arkadeum


Mods can look up the IP and check who is the other user who uses that IP :slight_smile:


Hey guys, I’m visiting from Canada, been driving down the west coast for 2 weeks :smiley:
Just a heads up if anyone wants to run some marvel2/3 I’d love to see you guys here.
I’m in SF now but will be heading to LA in a bit.

Either way, I’ll be checking this place out, sounds like some old school fun :slight_smile:


Hi Mike Watson, we should play a few games, weather it be offline or online, I know you dont like online play but I would love to play you
in HF one of these days. When you do host the tournament I will be there. Everyone wants to see us go at it and I would really like to see where
I stand with you. I live in Canada and I know the ping isnt so bad if we ever do decide to go online.


Going to Super for a smash tourney today. My main games are mvc2/3s/usf4. I also play a bit of cvs2. Someone please give me some competition in something non smash today. :slight_smile:


Hey guys,
what days do people usually come to play Ultra? Aside from Wed, of course.


Alright Mike Watson vs old mastah on sf2 hyper fighting at Watson’s arcade one on one or world hf tourney mastah said he’s willing come down there…who will win? You game mike? Let this not become like the may weather vs pacman fight were people question and ask who wins its a what if and never happens :frowning:


Can someone recommend a good import game store or at least a place that breaks street dates reliably. New to LA and trying to find some places.


Hello there! I’m Aden.

I recently came from Arizona and I just recently finished college- an accomplishment I’m very proud of. I’m originally from San Diego, CA. Went over there to get a higher education. I had just recently been attending Super Arcade in Walnut, Ca, and what I can say about this place is it reminds me being in my local arcade back in the day getting into MvC2. Its been SO long that I’ve been in an arcade environment where the social aspect of gathering and competing with fellow ppl that have the same core interest as you do thrives. Its something that you rarely get nowadays. I’ve heard that this arcade is also the last remaining arcades in the country, and I hope it sticks around for a long time.

Anyhow, getting off topic here. The reason in posting this message in Shoryuken, is that I am going to Evo this year, and I’m planning to travel by car. I am willing to take up to three ppl to vegas and back in my car if they need a ride, though you would pitch in for gas of course. The more ppl I have, the less it will cost you if I happen to take an additional person or two. I’m not talking about the cost of a round trip to vegas and back though Southwest airlines here… in fact it would be cheaper than a round-trip airplane ticket to there and back with me. Even more with two or three ppl.

If you need a ride, feel free to contact me either by call or text to 520-869-2569 so we can make further arrangements. Evo is 13 days away! so don’t wait another minute and contact me if you don’t have a ride and want to go.

I don’t mean to have this post sound like a infomercial add if it is… just want to get the word out

Also I’ll be at WNF this Wednesday, so if you want to ask for a ride in person, feel free.


Is there WNF today?


No WNF today, there are closed for repairs