*SUPER MF'ing ARCADE* - the next generation



What time does USF4 tournament start today?


The arcade doors open at 6pm, and I believe all tournaments will start around 9pm tonight.


Just gonna leave this here. Upcoming tournament for Ultra, Melee, and Project M. PM me if you’d like more details! Clicking the picture will take you to the Facebook event page.



Watson are u still planning to have a world SF2 HF tourney? I know old mastah is will to comedown from Canada and challenge you if your up for it.


You’re better of tweeting him about this kinda stuff, as nobody really checks forums anymore.


k etrouble if your up to playing some HF dl supercade im down for some games


Unlikely, as I rarely ever play online even for my main game. I basically only hop on for the stream. Otherwise, I’m good.


Hey guys. We’ve got a tournament coming up next Saturday (1/24) in Vegas that has managed to land a pretty big pot bonus. Already just shy of $1k and growing.

If you or anyone you know is interested in making their way over to Vegas please spread the word. Thanks!

Registration and info: http://tournaments.gouki.com/


There was good comp for Hyper Fighting and other games at Super last night

Aiming to be here this Saturday for a longer period of time and know how to play other games too if that helps