Super Move Cancel

So, I was pounding an opponent with Mag and he decides to do a proton cannon but I s. jump out of the way to land behind him. Somehow, before I landed he cancels the proton and I’m not able to punish him. I have no clue how he did this and he won’t tell me. I still beat him but I have no clue how to do this. Anybody here know? Thanks.

Im guessing a drone or something knocked him out of it. What assists were you using?

I was using Mag,Cable,Psy. I didn’t even hit him at all. I jumped right before he even did the proton cannon.

Both anti-air but I didn’t press em to come out.

Interesting…im guessing he isn’t able to do it again? If thats the case then it sounds like some glitchy shit. Were you playing DC or Ps2?

The only other thing I can think is he did A1+A2 proton cannon, which most likely has different propeties/delay, much like head crush and goodnight sugah.

In either case I am unable to supply further info., sorry.

Thanks for replying. This was on ps2 and he did it twice. Maybe someone else will chime in??

If he did it 2x, its prolly A1+A2. Ill check the frames differences on the 2 today. I dont have the ps2 version though >.>;