Super move help


The only trick I can think of is to start at the forward position and quickly do the motion, or you can use his dash and grab the opponent and push, um, I don’t remember the motion, but he grabs them and throws them into the air. You can do the motion right after he grabs them, and the move would work. And I don’t know if Zangief has any big combos, but his Double Lariat xx into FAB is deadly, even if the opponent blocks the lariat!

I dunno about the combos. Maybe you should wait until one of the other members comes along… Hope i’ve helped a little.

B&B Combos:

launch, sj.lp, lk, FP SPD [the timing is odd, but practice with bigger characters first and work your way down. It does about 50% on Cable.]

Standing FK (1 hit) xxx LP Spinning Back Fist / or PP Lariat (3 hits) xxx FAB [roughly 70% on Cable]

Opponent in Corner, Launch, sj.lp, lk, fk, [land], OTG d+lk, (1 hit), SPD or FAB [not sure on dmg, but I think around 95% on Cable]

Also not quite a combo:, [2 hits], air grab (dp+fk), d+fp [crosses-up], then start above mention combos. [sorta a one trick pony, but can easy kill a character.]

Zangief isn’t really as bad as people make him out to be. You just got to play him smart. If it was a match up of gief vs magneto with no assist, gief would definitely give magneto a run for his money.

Thanks, now it’s time to go scare some people with my Zangief skills!:evil: :smiley: