Super Move Style Improvement Suggestion Thread

Here is a creative thread where folks may post their ideas about how Supers in the game could be better in terms of animation, style and application to the character. This is NOT for taking about damage done, speed of execution, etc. This is purely about style and continuity.

For instance:

Just my opinion: Superman’s “Super” (Animation/Design Wise) is weak. Shazam’s has way more style. It would make more sense if he Knocked you a much further distance and punched you through a planet. Flash’s Super also has a flaw. If he ran around the planet and hit someone, the opponent would go much further on just momentum alone. It’d be better if Flash ran around Earth, punched them, ran back around, Kicked them, (the animation would be faster than the current “planet revolve”) then just did some speed punching or “ping-pong” the opponent on stage.


That’s what I say to playing Marvel.

Good for you! I don’t want to sit through mini movies multiple times per match. Supers should be quick and flashy like Third Strike and not take over like 2-4 seconds or else the matches drag on when you’re playing in succession. It might be fun to watch the first time but when you’re watching a stream and seeing the same super of Flash running around the Earth multiple times, kicking people both ways, having them bounce all over, etc. etc. it will get excruciating.

The Duration of the Super Wouldn’t Change. Also, if you opened your eyes and READ the initial post, this thread is only for speculating about the creativity of Super moves, NOT for tournament analysis, etc. They aren’t going to change the supers for this game, and there is nothing wrong with creative suggestions for future iterations of Injustice/DC games by NRS.
The level transitions take 8 seconds and most of the supers are not under 5 seconds. If there were multiple cinematics during a match, I’d use the opportunity to strategize and decide what I want to do on wake-up. You should stop expecting every game to be Marvel. Even AE & SFxT supers are more than 5 seconds. If you can’t handle the length of a Super, then don’t play the game.

IF you have nothing POSITIVE to contribute here, then sit down and STFU.

Make Cyborg’s beam not look like something that took 10 minutes. It’s honestly one of the worst beam effects I’ve ever seen.

Ahhhh, only one well-versed in Modeling programs and particle effects could make such an erudite statement. I could go on about the texture map discrepancies…
The “climax” of the beam is crap as well. It would be more dynamic to have Cyborg’s Target Acquired involved, possibly with the Watchtower, though I estimate they had completed Lex’s first and didn’t want a repeat.

Okay here’s my idea: Batman initiates his super and looks down on the ground. He sees a coin laying heads up in the dirt. He cautiously picks it up, feeling the ridges carefully with his hand. He feels something stir within his heart, and he reluctantly turns the coin over to reveal yet another heads. All of the sudden, we are carried off into a dream sequence in Batman’s subconscious where he is still vividly trying to triumph over his repressed guilt over Rachel’s death. We see Batman running into the building where Two Face has tied her up amongst a myriad of oil drums; suddenly, the ticking noise of the bomb begins a crescendo to a deafening pitch. As Batman gets increasingly disoriented, the camera zooms into his eyes, twitching in confusion and fear. We see a jump cut to Rachel’s eye in the same framing with a tear welling up along the bottom ridge. The camera shifts down slightly to her mouth, and we see her mouth something wordlessly, without any audio. The screen then flashes white, accompanied by a rumbling boom, and Batman is sent flying out of the window, glass shattering and glistening in the moonlight around him in slow motion. The glass comes raining down like translucent spears all over Batman, eviscerating him and tearing his costume. The camera zooms up and out to a panoramic birds eye view of the city and we see explosions going off in other buildings around Gotham and the laugh of the Joker in the background.

Batman then comes to his senses and bops his opponent on the head and these words flash on the screen with goofy honking sound effects.

Yeah, the thread is about improving a Super move, not making up a scene in an Arkham game. Still no POSITIVE contribution. You’re obviously mocking the idea, and if you don’t like the thread then go do something constructive. IF you want attention, there are more productive ways to attain it. I’m flattered you’re trolling the thread, but ultimately you’re proving yourself a fool.

Why are you trolling my idea? Please do not drag down others’ ideas just because you don’t like them. Please do not sperg out at me.

Trolling your idea? Your idea would obviously take MUCH longer than the 2-4 seconds you want Supers to be, thus you are mocking the thread. You criticize the thread saying supers shouldn’t be so long and then you come up with some 3 minute super idea and you claim I’m trolling.

You say not to drag others’ ideas down because you don’t like them, which is hypocritical since you did the exact same thing in your first post. Please THINK before you post something. Your own words are coming back to bite you in the arse.

Only one thing has really bothered me so far: Flash runs around the entire world and gives the opponent a full power punch, and it deals LESS damage than the hits following it. Makes no sense that the punch deals so little damage in comparison to the other super hits.

Make Cyborgs beam an actual beam super.

This please. Across the board. I actually think the animations are really cool, but I don’t like how they’re SFxT/SFIV style where its 1 hit (or miss) then an extended flashy video.